Uwaydhah, Arabic Book]. Nuzhat al-Nazar is a Sharh of Famous book of Hadith "Nukhbat al-Fikr" that is used as a manual for beginner textbook of the science in understanding Usul al-Hadith, hadith terminologies. Discussion includes various aspects of the science of hadith such as the chain of transmission, narrators, hadith classification etc. Nukhbatul Fikr is a primary text that is commonly used to introduce an individual to the Science of Hadith Ulum al-Hadith and the major terminology Mustalah associated with it. In effect it is a summary of the larger works preceding his time on how to understand the detailed rudiments to this nomenclature and its systematic application. This introductory text covers the types of chains of transmission asanid , types of acceptable narrations maqbul and the types of rejected narrations mardud.

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May Allah bless our liegelord Muhammad, whom He sent to humankind as a bearer of good tidings and a warner, and upon his folk, Companions, and many salutations. To commence: The books of the nomenclature of adith specialists are many and were expanded and condensed. One of my brothers asked that I summarize for them what is important. I responded to his request seeking to be counted among those who trod the [scholarly] paths. So I say:. The paths of a report khabar are either: 1. The second is the wellknown report mashhr and it is also called the wellcirculated report mustaf according to one opinion.


Nukhbat al-Fikar

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