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Quickstart Guide Expre Boujou 4 Quickstart Gu NetApp Products? NetApp web site? Uptime ServiceDesk? NetApp phone numbers:? NearStore Nearline Storage??? To other vendor's storage solutions: V, V NetCache sold??? IBM N-series? Basic Concepts Quickstart N? N FAS??? FAS series very high-end??? File Access to data? CIFS Windows??? Design made to share data? Block Access to data? Sharing of data difficult hosts servers??? SAN vs. NAS previous slide, presented differently??? Storage Terminology cont.

NAS Terminology? Share, export? Drive mapping, mounting? SAN Terminology? SAN Terminology cont. Basic Concepts Quickstart Fabric? One or more fibre channel switches with target s and initiator s connected to them are referred to as a fabric Well-known verndors of fibre channel switches: Brocade, Cisco Example on next slide??? These components include cabling, adapters and switches and the software that enables this?

Multipathing MPIO??? Basic Concepts Quickstart Zoning? The partitioning of a fabric or storage area network into smaller subsets to restrict interference, add security, and to simplify management. Boot from SAN? Put boot disk s of server on SAN? Table of Contents? All features are activated through licenses, eg. Recent version: 7. NetApp Terminology cont. Some NetApp-specific Terms Contains motherboard, network connections, fiber connections, console connections, connections to disks, Contain disks?

Disk Shelf? Motherboard and first disk shelf are integrated disk shelf can be turned into filer and vice versa???

What Can Be Upgraded? Basic Concepts Quickstart Disk firmwares Non-disruptively? No reboot required? When to Upgrade? Basic Filer Management? Filerview http s??? Console cable Telnet ssh Secure Shell???

Most Commonly Used Commands man man pages??? Basic Concepts Quickstart Browses through man ual pages of command documentation sysconfig -a, -r, -c, -t, -m??? Most Commonly Used Commands cont. Performs snapshot operations, eg. Basic Concepts Quickstart What? Provides capability to configure filers to initiate automatic sending of email notifications to NetApp technical support and other designated addressees when specific events occur Helps solve problems proactively Via email smtp, preferred or the web http s???

Configure via the web interface NetApp currently uses 3 types of disks:? Formatting disks? No: zeroing disks? Logical group of disks, consists of parity disks and data disks Can be expanded on-the-fly, but cannot shrink in size! Flexible Volume Flexvol??? Aggregate can contain multiple volumes?

Contain actual data files and LUNs??? Filer Disks? Data disks? Spare disks Parity disks Double parity disks Broken disks??? Partner disks??? This aggregate can be expanded. On this aggregate we will create flexible volumes that can grow and shrink in size, and that will contain actual data files and LUNs??? RAID1 mirroring??? Double Parity Disk reliability x RAID4 advantages? Combined with WAFL filesystem: on-the-fly expansion of storage no shrinking without parity recalculation Existing parity on disks Add disks to the system Traditional RAID4 has disadvantages?

NetApp solves this by filer design? Battery-backed RAM eg. Exception: different disk sizes are in different aggregates performance??? Exception: disks of different types eg. FC vs. Exception: Max 16 Tb raw capacity? When disks are added to the system, aggregates can be expanded on-the-fly Aggregates cannot shrink, however! Aggregates do not contain data directly You must create flexible volumes flexvols inside aggregates.

Volumes will contain data? Every x data disks, provide 1 or 2 parity disks? NetApp Cluster? Not like eg. FAS vs. Hardware: a heartbeat cable between both systems Hardware: systems have connection to disks of other system In case of failure of one system: other system will notice, take over the disks and boot the first system from its disks CIFS users will get disconnected, but generally client will recover Same story for LUNs: retransmissions Note: NVRAM synchronization on clusters?

What about all those Blinking Lights? Every head and every shelf have plastic quick reference cards that can be pulled out from under the front panel eg. Where to Get Help? Volumes Snapshots Qtrees? Basic Concepts Quickstart Shelf Modules?

DS14 older hardware??? Data Cables cont. NetApp Hardware Essentials cont. Common Cabling Examples cont. Firmware rev: 3. Shelf 1: ESH2 Firmware rev.


netapp basic concepts quickstart guide



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NetApp Basic Concepts Quickstart Guide


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