Sveti Macarije je bio poznat po svojoj mudrosti. Nije se uspjela poroditi dok nije priznala Makarijevu nevinost. Rimski car Istoka Valens je na jedan kratak period izgnao Makarija na otok na Nilu, zajedno sa svetim Makarijem iz Aleksandrije, za vrijeme spora oko doktrine Nicejskog vjerovanja. Pishoj i sv. Ivan Patuljasti. Makarije je umro u dubakoj starosti godine

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Sv Makarije Veliki. Find this Pin and more on Pravoslavlje by Nesa Stipic. Byzantine Icons. Byzantine Art. Religious Icons. Religious Art. Becoming A Monk. Catholic Saints. Orthodox Icons. Find this Pin and more on Ikon by Marta Rejowska. Making Money Teens. Christian Art. Potnia Theron. Spiritual Life. Art Background.

In an earlier posting, I talked about the rather dubious saint Onuphrios the Great — another of those ascetics found in icons. Find this Pin and more on Icoane ortodoxe by Mihaela Luiza. Christian Drawings. Greek Icons. Religious Paintings. Find this Pin and more on press4dogs by press4dogs. People Art. Wise People. Find this Pin and more on Ancient Mosaics and Paintings - artisansdominion. Religious Images. Mural Painting. Modern Miracles. Tree Surgeons. Orthodox Christianity.

Christian Faith. Christ's color is a touchy topic. It changes the gospel of the bible completely. Some say it doesn't matter. So why make him white? Find out the root of his image here and how it was changed. Find this Pin and more on African American history by william wilson. St Moses The Black. Black Jesus. Catholic Online. Religion Catolica. Black History Facts. African Diaspora. Proving Jesus Is Black! Archeological Evidence and History of Iconoclasm. Holy Body. St Pio Of Pietrelcina.

Miracle Prayer. Medieval World. European Paintings. Art Test. Fair Grounds. Roman Catholic. Russian Icons. The Kingdom Of God. St Francis. Fictional Characters. The characteristic features of Coptic icon painting can already be seen in the fourth century: the large eyes and ears on a small head, the confident lines, the naive and childlike depictions. The Copts themselves are certain that iconography was born in Egypt, which they convincingly demonstrate by comparing the iconographic canon with works of ancient Egyptian art.

Christ Is Risen. Ancient Egyptian Art. Day Of Pentecost. Lion Paw. Catholic News. St Gerasimos Gerasim. Knowing the Knowledge that Transforms. Find this Pin and more on Orthodox by Daydreamcatcher. Catholic Art. Jewish Art. Burning Bush. Find this Pin and more on Religion by endika vd walt. Religious Pictures. Bible Pictures. Jesus Pictures. Bible Illustrations. Prophetic Art. Bible Stories. Bible Art. Find this Pin and more on black Indians by jim winters.

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Макарије Велики



Makarije Veliki



Byzantine Icons


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