His research topics include analysis of political text, election technologies, and political communication. From to , he studied in Moscow State University and earned a master's degree in philosophy. From to , he worked as an assistant in the Department of Social Sciences of Vilnius University. In , he founded Politologija journal and was its editor-in-chief until From to , he was one of the founders of the Lithuanian Centre Union. In , he was awarded a Ph.

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The academic staff of the department engages over faculty members professors, lecturers, and PhD students who are both active researchers and professionals in journalism and communications. The Department is also well known for its research and networking projects mainly supported through international European research initiatives such as European Commission 6th FP projects, COST program projects, Nordic Council projects, and other international, national, and local networking projects and initiatives.

At present, three degree-programs are offered at the department. In addition to these BA studies, two graduate programs are still offered by the department at present: Journalism and Media Analysis started in , and Integrated Communications started in Both MA level programs are strongly focused on media research and comparative analysis, as well as practical skills training. Communications Department has a broad partnerships network built through international academic exchange programs as well as with a wide range of professional associations, various institutions and media organizations in Lithuania and abroad.

Journalism and communication transformations, social processes and media studies, European public space. Integrated communication, strategic communication and communication of leadership, public relations, social media. Communication and public relations of educational institutions and NGOs, problems and challenges of regional journalism.

Jaq Greenspon Associate professor Fields of academic interests Communication and media analysis Email: jaq. Ignas Kalpokas Lecturer, PhD in political science Fields of academic interests Cyber security and hybrid conflicts, Media, culture and political theory Email: ignas.

Kristijonas Jakubsonas Lecturer Fields of academic interests Film production and film shoot Email: kristijonas. Rytis Zemkauskas Associate professor Fields of academic interests Journalism, theory and practice of interview, construction of narrative Email: rytis.

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Bielinis, Lauras



Department of Public Communication



Lauras Bielinis


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