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The exhibit features figures and artwork on display with a focus on mecha that have appeared in the sci-fi series Maschinen Krieger which modeler and illustrator Kow Yokoyama has continued to work on for over 30 years. The Maschinen Krieger series began with the original model A. Set on Earth in the 29th century after a nuclear war, the series is a sci-fi story about the fight between the Earth Independent Provisional Government and the Strahl Democratic Republic. A photo story that combines model dioramas and text, the series gained great popularity and plastic models began being manufactured in Starting from works that won Yokoyama awards as a child, the exhibit features a plethora of items related to the Maschinen Krieger series including original suits created by Yokoyama that cover the past and present of the series, articles previously published in magazines, advertisements, illustrations, and more.

The exhibit is a great chance to easily understand both Maschinen Krieger and get introduced to Kow Yokoyama. Hardcore fans will also enjoy the subtle details of the painting and sculpting.

For those interested, there is plenty to enjoy. Completely different in taste from the existing robot anime genre, Machinen Krieger is heavy in military and hardcore sci-fi elements.

It is also unique for its originality and extremely high level of detail. For those interested in Japanese original military mecha, seeing the real thing in person is not to be missed. In a Hollywood version of Machinen Krieger was announced. Though the release date is still unknown, why not gear up for it by getting down to the Machinen Krieger Exhibit? Tokyo Otaku Mode. Shop News Gallery Otapedia. Sign Up. News News Shop. The representative powered suits, Fireball and Prowler.

Gucker and Ketzer. Even the unique box art is eye-catching. Many models are on display like this. The mega popular S. Articles published in a figure magazine reprint. Advertisements, instructions, etc. Rough sketches. Maschinen Krieger artwork created by Yokoyama. Pictures of dioramas used for magazine serials and more. Along with the mecha, the maintenance crew gives it a sense of reality. A diorama that looks like an actual war photo.

Unique, round forms are another characteristic of the Maschinen Krieger series. A work created using toys manufactured by Takara Tomy.

Humorous and lively subjects increase the sense of reality of the world of Maschinen Krieger. Visitors can get a close look at large figures. The actual tools he uses and his tiered model collection are impressive. Back to top.



Maschinen Krieger Ma. The franchise originally began as the science fiction series SF3D which ran as monthly installments in the Japanese hobby magazine Hobby Japan from to To develop the storyline, Kow Yokoyama collaborated with Hiroshi Ichimura as story editor and Kunitaka Imai as graphic designer. Inspired by the ILM model builders who worked on Star Wars , Yokoyama built the original models from numerous kits including armor, aircraft, and automobiles. He mostly concentrated on powered armor suits , but later included bipedal walking tanks and aircraft with anti-gravity systems.


Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000


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