CCNA Refer to the exhibit. Choose two. A Layer 1 problem exists. The bandwidth is set too low.

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CCNA Refer to the exhibit. Choose two. A Layer 1 problem exists. The bandwidth is set too low. A protocol mismatch exists. An incorrect cable is being used.

Answer: AD 2. Before installing a new, upgraded version of the IOS, what should be checked on the router, and which command should be used to gather this information? Answer: D 4. Which two statements are true about interVLAN routing in the topology that is shown in the exhibit? Host E and host F use the same IP gateway address. Router1 and Switch2 should be connected via a crossover cable.

Router1 will not play a role in communications between host A and host D. Answer: DF 5. Which two statements are true about the loopback address that is configured on RouterB? It ensures that data will be forwarded by RouterB. It specifies that the router ID for RouterB should be It decreases the metric for routes that are advertised from RouterB. Answer: BC 6. A network administrator is explaining VTP configuration to a new technician.

What should the network administrator tell the new technician about VTP configuration? Choose three. A trunk link must be configured between the switches to forward VTP updates. A switch in the VTP transparent mode will forward updates that it receives to other switches.

Answer: ABD 7. Which two locations can be configured as a source for the IOS image in the boot system command? RAM B. HTTP server E. TFTP server F. Telnet server Answer: CE 8. What are two reasons a network administrator would use CDP? Both switches are using a default configuration. Which two destination addresses will host 4 use to send data to host 1?

The default route should have a next hop address of The address of the subnet segment with the WWW server will support seven more servers. The addressing scheme allows users on the Internet to access the WWW server. Answer: DE A company is installing IP phones. The phones and office computers connect to the same device. What is the best network device to which to directly connect the phones and computers, and what technology should be implemented on this device? STP E. What are two benefits of using VTP in a switching environment?

It allows switches to read frame tags. It allows ports to be assigned to VLANs automatically. It maintains VLAN consistency across a switched network. It allows frames from multiple VLANs to use a single interface. It allows VLAN information to be automatically propagated throughout the switching environment. Answer: CE Which two statements are true about the command ip route It establishes a static route to the It configures the router to send any traffic for an unknown destination to the It configures the router to send any traffic for an unknown destination out the interface with the address It uses the default administrative distance.

It is a route that would be used last if other routes to the same destination exist. What are two advantages of Layer 2 Ethernet switches over hubs? Which two Ethernet segments would need to be configured as trunk links? F Answer: CF Which two topologies are using the correct type of twisted-pair cables? Which two values are used by Spanning Tree Protocol to elect a root bridge?

IOS version D. IP address E. MAC address F. Assume that the routing protocol referenced in each choice below is configured with its default settings and the given routing protocol is running on all the routers.

Which two conditional statements accurately state the path that will be chosen between networks Answer: AE A network administrator is adding two new hosts to SwitchA.

Which three values could be used for the configuration of these hosts? A network administrator changes the configuration register to 0x and reboots the router.

What are two results of making this change? The IOS image will be ignored. The router will prompt to enter initial configuration mode. The router will boot to ROM. The configuration in flash memory will be booted. Answer: BD The networks connected to router R2 have been summarized as a Which two packet destination addresses will R1 forward to R2?

Which three statements are typical characteristics of VLAN arrangements? A new switch has no VLANs configured. VLANs typically decrease the number of collision domains. Each VLAN uses a separate address space. A switch maintains a separate bridging table for each VLAN. VLANs cannot span multiple switches. Answer: BDE Which three statements are true about how router JAX will choose a path to the Answer: ADE Which three statements correctly describe Network Device A?

With a network wide mask of Switch ports operating in which two roles will forward traffic according to the IEEE This switch has more than one interface connected to the root network segment in VLAN 2. This switch is running RSTP while the elected designated switch is running This switch interface has a higher path cost to the root bridge than another in the topology. Answer: C The network administrator must establish a route by which London workstations can forward traffic to the Manchester workstations.

What is the simplest way to accomplish this? Configure a dynamic routing protocol on London to advertise all routes to Manchester. Configure a dynamic routing protocol on London to advertise summarized routes to Manchester. Configure a dynamic routing protocol on Manchester to advertise a default route to the London router. Configure a static default route on London with a next hop of


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Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator has discovered that the power supply has failed on a switch in the company LAN and that the switch has stopped functioning. It has been replaced with a Cisco Catalyst series switch. What must be done to ensure that this new switch becomes the root bridge on the network? Increase the VTP revision number for the domain. Lower the root path cost on the switch ports.


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