After defining New Testament translation bias, the author uses selected passages from nine well-known English versions as examples of translation bias. This is equally true between New Testament Greek and modern English. Therefore, every translation must make some accommodation to the differences between two languages. In the case of the New Testament, the translation is biased if those accommodations are used to promote a particular doctrinal viewpoint. For example, the Greek used in the original New Testament manuscripts did not use lower case letters, whereas English uses both upper and lower case letters. The original manuscripts autographs therefore did not make a distinction between "God" and "god," or between "Spirit" and "spirit.

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Published University Press of America. Hardback or Paper Back. He analyses, in chapters 4 through to 12, scriptures such as John , , Colossians ff, etcetera, as well as words such as proskuneo "worship" and pneuma "spirit". His conclusion as to which translation has been more accurate overall, based upon what words and scripture passages he does analyse, might surprise the many!

His own preferred translations, at times, " a god " at Luke for instance are thought provoking. This is an excellent book not least because it is written for the public who have an interest in the subject of accuracy and bias in English Bible translations. But also because the same, the public, rely upon English translations to understand God's Word today. It is paramount that theological biases of our times and held by scholars that translate the Bible into our tongue do not distort the true meaning of the Greek and produce inaccurate renderings.

BeDuhn's book shows that this has been the case in all the translations he looks at. You might not agree with everything he writes he has his own biases as he freely admits but his is not only an honest evaluation but one free of anachronistic theological presumptions. Is this unique among works of this ilk we ask? Highly recommended. We wish to add this caveat essentially for our Jehovah's Witnesses visitors but of interest to those who are not:.

We would like to assure our visitors who are Jehovah's Witnesses, as we are, that we only recommend books that are not only helpful in our study of God's Word but also do not undermine the "faithful and discreet slaves's" 'spiritual food.

But he does accord it, overall, greater accuracy above other prominent respected scholarly translations such as The New Revised Standard Version and the New International Version. Remember, no translation will be 'perfect' and this has to include the New World Translation. It IS an excellent book for Jehovahs Witnesses. It is also, perhaps even more so, for those who are not.

It complements, in its way, both Stafford's and Furuli's. We are very thankful to Jason BeDuhn as we are with all those authors whose books we recommend for taking the time amd making the effort to produce such a thought provoking and, to use his word, "challenging" work. Yes, it challenges the common perception so eagerly accepted by the many that what very capable scholars have produced, that is, English translations of the Christian Greek Scriptures the 'New Testament' must be more accurate, without as much bias, as the translation produced by the anonymous committee behind the New World Translation.

They are not and his findings show otherwise. He also offers why this may be in the chapter entitled "A Final Word. If you decide to obtain a copy for yourself you will no doubt do likewise. The Watchtower magazine of December 1st page 30 mentions this book in its brief article:. The result? It's finally here! Order direct from the publisher by March 25 to guarantee shipping by May International customers unable to access the number may call Some of you have been waiting four years for this, and may remember it under its original title, Bible Wars.

The book provides a general introduction to the history and methods of Bible translation, and gives background on each of these versions. Then it compares them on key passages of the New Testament to determine their accuracy and identify their bias. Passages looked at include:. John John Philippians Colossians Titus Hebrews 2 Peter Also explored are passages involving "prostration" or "worship," gendered language, the "holy spirit," and the use of "Jehovah.

If you've found my comments, observations, and answers instructive or challenging in the past, now's your chance to get the complete picture. BeDuhn's forthcoming book on Bible translations:. Due to re-editing requirements the probable publishing date will be the end of this year As readers of this site may very well be aware the above Professor has been working on a book, as entitled, that will make a comparison between modern English translations of the New Testament and the original Greek.

Please read what is the present progress of said book. As you will read below the NWT will come under close scrutiny and will not be above criticism. We are looking forward the book's release:. The book is called "Bible Wars: Accuracy and Bias in Modern English Translations of the New Testament," and I hope to have it in a publisher's hands by summer and out by the end of the year.

I AM biased in favor of the original Greek, and so in favor of translations that provide the modern English-speaking audience with as much access to the meaning of the original Greek as possible, without obscuring the meaning of the original by unwarranted interpretation of what the biblical text MAY mean.

But statistically the NWT ranks near the top of the comparison in its accuracy. The NAB also scores rather well. While the "Living Bible" and the TEV "Good News" Bible rank near the bottom, not because they are paraphrases, but because they introduce different meanings to the text they are supposed to be making clear to the general reader.

I have no personal stake in which Bible emerges as most accurate. My only stake is in informing the public about how theological bias has colored the translations they are using, and in providing them with tools to help them understand what the text behind the translations actually means. This is my job as a biblical scholar


Truth in Translation : Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

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Jason BeDuhn

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Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

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