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IWl hc. I tntroductinn 2 1. Iligly, Liz H. Amixeras cf. Itrnosphcrc t I Lmeat dcctroycd. Moulds oitcn inlcc. I hchvccn the p,Iir nf khclls tlf.

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I errpntenttd fur re,d ol-ycrtivity. There art. For iiiqtnncc. Polymorphic species. The scheme proporcd bv Pickerill and ,. Hrenchlev and amended by Luuklcy 1 qX3 i? Modern ar-int. Much 11 Ilrllv knrm. There i s after, a pronouliced zc1n.

Itcr5 but ill c-. Horizor Thr. T1 I4 rtr. Woter turbulcncc Irl. Henrc it 1':. Thc sedi- str. Whc-n uced in. Ire thc I? IIICI of tllr rrrt' rrcrlf w'licll arc vet? I :h, 2 of tlw. Such Eutcrn. I 11nrn1. C;rt-nvth 1s thus raplrl. Thiq rllr;lnq that at nnlr nrlc nionlellt 11 but alro thcir dntcs src known. Thus d u n n g own cnvironmeilt through tmlc, thcrc Ir alw. In0 in thc mnr.

Thev the 1R. Assemblage zones arcL beds or. Invdluablc rurnrn. H 11mc3 i. N r w Ynrk. CJxlrrrLl, py. I odrl. Gvrrt'pts ,rrrd. YII to 17vtl1. I"7h '17rr. Ncw York. Sundard test. Londnn and P. Schsfer, W. TErrw,Ccrmbnrlqc, J-tpp. K LVrstl. In idcn. I'ctcncn, C. I roinpr! Ocftlsd, IR,1n2 , 7'1- 1 3. Silurian rnannc coninlunltrcr. LA rlrttt,r 1, I'lir pp. S4lrulrtrb N n n , it cnvcricr;.

He I1. I Irr. IF While npprcclatlllg the iinpoi-t. I,anlarck 1inkt. I lopc. Anlrnnl popilt smooth endoplasmic reticulum lntioni. T h c othcrk Arc wc. Whrn thc unclc. I Ijllr. F , wvralc thc rhr phenotype nlnsnii1es.

A t niet. O n tllc other hand, ahc ftmnatinn ot' cgpq. Where d o e s variation come from? For explonaAon see text Modified from Kershow, Figure 1. Modifiedfrom Kershow, 1.


Invertebrate Paleontology and Evolution Clarkson

IWl hc. I tntroductinn 2 1. Iligly, Liz H. Amixeras cf. Itrnosphcrc t


Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution

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