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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. AV Receiver. Table of Contents. Page 3 This product, when installed as indicated in the instructions contained in this manual, meets FCC requirements.

Modifications not expressly approved by Yamaha may void your authority, granted by the FCC, to use the product. Page 7: Getting Started Supplied accessories After unpacking, check that the following parts are contained. When you turn the unit on, you will hear a click and there will be a 4 to 5-second delay before it can reproduce sound.

Make sure that the AMP mode is selected before use. Press again to restore the audio output to the previous volume level. Page Connections Before connecting components CAUTION Do not connect this unit or other components to the mains power until all connections between the components have been completed.

Page Connecting The Antennas inch reception than an indoor one. If you experience poor reception quality, an outdoor antenna may improve the quality. I Speaker placement Refer to the following diagram when you place the speakers. If the connections are faulty, no sound will be heard from the speakers, and if the polarity of the speaker connections is incorrect, the sound will be unnatural and lack bass.

Page Subwoofer Jack A rear center speaker can be connected to these terminals. Use d to move to the next setting. Page Setting The Unit To Match Your Speaker System Setting the unit to match your speaker system Follow the instructions below to set the amplifier output to match the size of your room and speakers. Page Night Listening Mode Start playback or select a broadcast station on the source component.

Refer to the operation instructions for the component. Adjust the volume to the desired level. The volume level is displayed digitally. You can select the type of input signals you wish to use.

For details about each program, see pages 28 — It creates virtual speakers to reproduce a natural sound field. Page Digital Sound Field Processing Dsp The traditional stereo system that uses only two speakers is not capable of recreating a realistic sound field.

The processor controls the strength and delay time of the signals output from the four effect speakers to localize the virtual sound sources and fully encompass the listener. It recreates comprehensive movie sound design in your audio room. Page Tuning There are 2 methods of tuning; automatic and manual. Automatic tuning is effective when station signals are strong and there is no interference.

This function enables the unit to automatically tune in to FM stations with strong signals, and to store up to 40 8 stations x 5 groups of those stations in order. See page 32 for tuning instructions. Page Selecting A Preset Station Selecting a preset station You can recall any desired station simply by selecting the preset station number under which it was stored.

Page Sleep Timer Use this feature to automatically set this unit in standby mode after the amount of time you have set. The sleep timer is useful when you are going to sleep while this unit is playing or recording a source. Page Recording Recording adjustments and other operations are performed on other recording components. Refer to the operation instructions for these components for details on their operation. Page Set Menu You can set the following parameters on the set menu to obtain a better sound from the unit.

Change the settings to reflect the needs of your listening environment. Set menu list The set menus are divided by use and function into the 4 categories listed here. The last setting you adjusted appears on the front panel display. The unit directs the entire range of the main left and right channel signals to the main left and right speakers.

This feature works when there is sound output from the center speakers with a source such as Dolby Digital or DTS. Ideally, the center speaker and the rear speakers should be the same distance from the main listening position as the left and right main speakers. To control other components, set up the remote control with the appropriate manufacturer codes. Control area I Controlling this unit The shaded areas below can be used to control this unit when the AMP mode is selected.

Page Setting The Manufacturer Code I Clearing setup manufacturer code for the component control Press an input selector button or to select the component control for which you want to clear the manufacturer code.

Page Controlling Other Components Controlling other components You can operate other components when you have set the manufacturer code for your component. Note, however, that some buttons may not operate your component. Once you select an input source, the remote control switches to the mode for operating the component. Page Zone 2 For U. If you own these products, you may not need to use an infrared emitter. You can select the input source and control the component located in the main room directly from the second room regardless of the listening condition in the main room.

It is not necessary to alter these settings, but you can create an original listening environment by doing so. Not all of the following parameters are found in every program. Page Troubleshooting Refer to the chart below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instruction below does not help, set this unit to standby mode, disconnect the power cord, and contact the nearest authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center.

I General The sleep timer has turned the unit off. The sound is muted. Only the speaker on Incorrect cable connections. There is distortion, and There is multipath interference. Print page 1 Print document 68 pages.

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Yamaha HTR-5660 Owner's Manual



Yamaha HTR-5660 receiver manual



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