Doesn't it drive you nuts how a man will show his soft underbelly to his male friends but not you? He won't show you crap when it comes to his emotions but he spills his guts to his buds. It's like there is some secret society that only men know. Man mode is how you communicate to a man just like his male friends do. This dating advice for women book gives you the blueprint to understanding the male mind.

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There are many actions you can take to make sure your relationship is as solid on day 10, as it was on day 1. Life just seems to keep punching you in the gut. The way to find true love is by rebuilding your confidence. Believe in yourself and love yourself again. Things will start looking better soon! What did you do wrong? What could you have done differently? What can you promise him to make him come back? Why was he so mean when he left?

Is what he said true? Am I a horrible person? Slow down and relax. First of all, stop taking this all upon yourself. Next, kick back and learn the best way to get him back. I dated a great guy for over a year and suddenly he disappeared. I made myself so available, putting my own interests on hold.

I became less interesting and no longer a challenge. Gregg helped me see that although I am a very independent and capable woman, I sabotaged my relationship by giving up part of myself.

I always thought it was the guys fault. There were some points that Gregg made that made me see where my decision-making in regards to men was flawed. Gregg offers honest insights to better help us understand the male psyche. This empowers women to approach situations with an understanding of the male thought patterns for better results.

You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain! Get Started. Where is he? What is he looking for? Where is he hiding? Find these answers and more! Relationships don't succeed when you put them on autopilot. Find true love by uncovering the mystery of men. I have helped thousands of women and I can help you! Read My Bio. Pin It on Pinterest.


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Gregg feels that coaching has chosen him. He grew up just as many others - in a dysfunctional, but loving family. After going through twelve years of his own failed relationships, he decided to try and decode dating for men and women. That elusive older couple sitting in the park holding hands gave him hope! Gregg began his journey into understanding the mistakes we make in dating and how to fix them by interviewing thousands of people - happy couples, unhappy couples, singles looking for 'the one' and everyone in between. He reviewed his own dating experiences and combined all of this information into his series of dating advice books for men and women.


Gregg MIchaelsen: Dating and Life Coaching for Women

He knows this because he includes his email address in every book and you reach out to him! He reads your emails and replies to every email, hoping to make a meaningful difference in your life! You are a woman whose time is valuable. The information provided is put into the easiest terms to understand and he leaves out the fluff! Right, once and for all? Learn how to navigate the male mind with Gregg's many tips on dating, communication and building confidence.


Gregg Michaelsen


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