The blocked user is not notified when they are blocked. Read about Instagram privacy here. To block or unblock someone:. Read more on blocking here. I can easily get quite cold hands while programming so using these hand warmers are really nice! Det handlar bara om en enda sak, din vilja.

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The blocked user is not notified when they are blocked. Read about Instagram privacy here. To block or unblock someone:. Read more on blocking here. I can easily get quite cold hands while programming so using these hand warmers are really nice!

Det handlar bara om en enda sak, din vilja. Direkt snappade folk upp att jag kunde hantera datorer. Det kallas lathet. Do you have the problem of your phone complaining about no free space?

Although you know you have it? The answer is because many applications by default store on the device storage instead of your SD card. I would compare it to the C: drive on your computer, everybody wants to be there. What to do? Go to the settings of your phone Android device, can differ a bit from version to version and choose the application manager. Then press it and do this for as many of the applications possible so you store it on the device storage.

On the bottom of each scrollable page you see in the Application manager you can also see a bar showing the amount of stored space and free space. I enjoy social media and for my music it has been a wonderful way to connect with people all around the world. So let me first tell you a story of social media connection. Then I will let you know how me and my friends got to be in one of the photos marketing Uppsala. This is the pic:. The story. Which I tweeted about! Moments of our life, when life is a rollercoaster, things passing you by.

Moments of our life, your lence like a photographic memory captured a moment of my life. A song about fleeing moments. So I invited him to a gig and he came.

We all are and have contributed to the culture of Uppsala by performing at festivals and many other occasions. And sometimes we play by the river! Detta twittrade jag om. Here it is. Space Safari. Coded with care.

Use the acceleration of your phone yes, you will have to tilt it! You will be able to collect power-ups and new life as well as some cash that provide you with extra points. Even though the game is dead serious be thrilled about the sketchy feel with hand drawn spaceships and details.

So to try it out visit Google Play on your Android phone. Tilting the phone? A classic space key-killer shoot-em-up game. The accelerometer? I wanted to make a similar game but make use of the new controls that the smartphone offers. Ja, men prova! Ett klassiskt shoot-em-up spel. Jo,en hel del:. Annars se till att skaffa ett och ange det i din telefon. I min Android med OS 4. Dropbox som jag tidigare skrivit om har en liknande funktion.

Skriv till mig sadnesstheory [snabel-a] gmail eller kommentera nedan. I will tell you about the Android phones and with an iPhone you can use iCloud , follow the link to read more. Contacts: You can sync your phone with your contacts on gmail, read the how to here. Make that choice in your calender. Read more here. Apps: A lot of apps allow you to sync you data to your gmail-account.

Some apps require a sign in that means your information is stored in the cloud you just need to log in. Let me know if you have other apps that can help you backing up your device, mail or comment!

And you know how that is. What I do now? Keep my cool and reinstall Windows. I also enchant my computer with an SSD disc. Givetvis finns dropbox till mobilen. Dropbox is a very good program for you to share big files such as photos or, as a musician, mp3- files or wav-files.

This has been very helpful since I want to share something with my band, such as photos or the latest audio mix down. Just put it in a folder. Since this solution is in the cloud you can reach it from wherever you are.

They do have an app. This article is very helpful if you want to read how you can get Dropbox. Do you have Instagram? Do you want to connect with me? I will be happy to connect with you. You find me as sadnesstheory ofcourse! These are some of the photos from Instagram! So I begin from the top, from left to right:.

Block your haters on Instagram! As I did write about before. A technology guide for older people starts at a Swedish magasine and I just need to repeat.

There are many examples of people learning technology like relatives that talk over Skype, and also my parents. They can always ask our help but they also learned everything themselves. You can too. And the music for the game, you did that also, right? So what do you value on your phone? My computer says no… And you know how that is. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.


Ladda ner programvara till...

Visa, skapa och anpassa 3D-objekt med 3D Builder. Im average at Maya and would love to get into 3D printing…. If I have missed a bunch of cool features my bad, but there were not much there to be intriged by, many things to get annoyed with. Why do anone need this app? The select tool should be more precise. I find the blue lines around an object too thick and blurry.


3D Builder

Please enter Mobile Number. Conductor Cross Section Stranded min. Marking and Engraving Systems. We Electric India Pvt. Panel Mount Terminal Block. Tojarisar A Journey of Elmex This is useful where space is a constraint.





När Photoshop inte är gratis – här är dina bästa alternativ


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