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General Specification Overall Vehicle. Painted Plastic Parts Performance Requirements. Note: Nothing in this standard supersedes applicable laws and regulations. Note: In the event of conflict between the English and domestic language, the English language shall take precedence. This standard covers organic surface. This specification details the.

The substrate must be approved to the appropriate GM material specification. GMW requirements must be met for approval to the appropriate, e.

GMW must be met for the appropriate, e. Not applicable. Note: Only the latest approved standards are applicable unless otherwise specified. ASTM D ISO ISO A SAE J B L The test facilities and equipment. Alternative test facilities and equipment shall also be used. However, all measuring variables as specified in this standard shall be determined correctly with respect to their physical definition.

The test facilities and equipment shall be in good working order and shall have a valid calibration label. Copyright General Motors Company. No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS. For a new supplier to.

GM, all testing shall be performed in an accredited laboratory. Generally, the unaccredited laboratory should be in. All bakes must comply with GM Paint. GM Paint approved bake charts are those that have an approval signature of the responsible engineer at the bottom.

These bake charts may be obtained from the paint suppliers. All Thermoplastic Polyolefin TPO substrates must be processed using either any of the following three options:. The adhesion promoter e. Flame treated GMW and bake with an approved topcoat e. Defined as running a previously finished part through the original equipment manufacturer Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM process.

The following must be followed at a minimum for all part reprocesses. Sanding is allowed on the topcoat system to remove surface imperfections or defects. Documentation of sanding process is required. Promoter over Adhesion Promoter is not permitted.

Multiple coatings are not permissible for original equipment parts and parts for after sales service. Exception: Multiple coatings for original equipment parts are only permissible, if the coloring is acceptable.

No adverse changes are permissible. October Page 2 of Table 1: Reprocessing Requirements. Paint Layer. Number of OEM Applications. Maximum Reprocess Applications. Maximum Number of Bakes. A part may see a total of six heat cycles. Tests shall be conducted using the latest issue.

All film builds must meet the minimum. Unless otherwise specified, painted samples shall. Table 2: Maximum Film Builds. Maximum Film Build. Defined as. The following must be followed at a minimum for all part reprocesses:. Deviations from the. Such requirements shall be specified. Component testing is to be performed for the production part per Table A1 for exterior and Table A4 for interior applications.

Additionally, PPAP testing must be completed for each unique part. Please see 4. Page 3 of If regrind is allowed, all specimens for testing must be obtained from production parts that are made from the maximum allowable regrind as stated on the drawing.

In this case, three samples may be taken from different locations on the same part. See Figure 2 for example of testing locations. Since fascias vary in design, please see responsible GM Materials Engineer if you need assistance in choosing the locations.

If the color palette contains a Tricoat such as Bright White Diamond , that color must be tested in addition to the two standard colors. If the two standard colors are not contained in the color palette, the GM Materials Engineer may approve substitutions. For GMNA, test on a part that has seen two primer reprocesses and two topcoat reprocesses Example: Primer-bake, primer-bake, primer-bake, topcoat-bake, topcoat-bake, topcoat-bake — six paint layers.

If white is not contained in the color palette, use color with the highest film build. All coating thicknesses must be measured and reported. See responsible GM Materials Engineer to confirm test requirements for APOPS on primed parts, and to determine the number of parts to be top coated and to coordinate the top coating of the parts in the assembly plant. This standard may involve hazardous. This standard does not propose to address all the safety problems associated with its use.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

Samples of components or material released to this standard shall be tested for conformity with the requirements of this standard and approved by the responsible GM department prior to the start of delivery of production level components or materials. Any changes to the component of material, e. After the initial. If not otherwise agreed to, the entire verification test shall be repeated and documented by the supplier prior to start of delivery of the modified or changed product.

In some cases, a shorter test can be agreed to between the responsible GM department and the supplier. Test reports shall be written. Additionally, a test report that contains all of the requirements listed in 3. Page 4 of Accreditation for each test facility that provided data. Form completed and signed by paint facility management. Enlarge as required. A subset of the tests on this form may be used to report PPAP data. This includes reprocessed parts.

Measure a minimum of four areas on each part and take the average and report it. More than four areas may be required due to part design. Please see the responsible materials engineer for a definition of the number and placement of the areas required.

Report the thickness of each paint layer i. Individual measurement locations will be indicated with a schematic as well as individual readings and the average of the measurements shall be reported.

See Note 5 in Table A4 for details on how to measure film build. Not applicable for Interior coatings. See Figure 2 for example of a fascia schematic. Not applicable for interior coatings. Such requirements shall be specified on component drawings, test certificates, reports, etc. Perform testing as indicated in Table A1 for exterior or Table A4 for interior component testing. Perform testing on all.


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