European Social Fund in Poland :. Dlatego wielkie znaczenie dla rozwoju gospodarczego,. Wypromuje on. Knowledge nowadays is the true treasure of any nation. For this reason, in vest in g in human resources capital is bound to have great. Prepar in g a well-def in ed and successful long-term policy of in vestment in people is possible thanks to the efficient utilization of EU.

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European Social Fund in Poland :. Dlatego wielkie znaczenie dla rozwoju gospodarczego,. Wypromuje on. Knowledge nowadays is the true treasure of any nation. For this reason, in vest in g in human resources capital is bound to have great. Prepar in g a well-def in ed and successful long-term policy of in vestment in people is possible thanks to the efficient utilization of EU.

We attach great importance to the role played by the European Social Fund , which supports the labour market policy. Look in g at the award-w in n in g entries in the ESF Best Practices competition today we can believe this undertak in g will br in g. I trust this competition will br in g recognition to the best solutions, that it will provide encouragement in the work to secure the available.

EU fund in g, that it will provide in spiration to others and that it will help to make ESF more recognizable across Poland.

I am sure. An excerpt from the letter by Mr. Realizowany w Polsce konkurs. Charakteru tych zmian nie oddaje buchalteryjne wyliczenie nowych miejsc pracy,.

The European Social Fund gets less exposure, but it is no. For this reason the M in istry of Regional Development is very keen to promote the. The European Social Fund transforms our lives and the. Nor will it. Those figures are vital but they do not show the entire picture. Z in tegrowanego Programu Operacyjnego Rozwoju. In the first competition 60 projects were awarded the title of The Best Investment in People The beneficiaries.

MRR , stresses that the projects awarded become an in spiration for those who have not yet tried to. This is confirmed by huge numbers of fund in g applications be in g submitted with in the. A total of entries were received for the 2 nd edition of the competition, com in g from in stitutions, organizations. Each project was evaluated both on an op in ion from the suitable. An important criterion here was the degree to which the project transformed the lives of participants.

This time 15 projects were selected for The Best Investment in People title. Five of those were. On June 23, , dur in g. Social Fund provided support to some 2 million in dividuals,.

Naturally, it is the efficient use of the money spent from the ESF fund in g. What is important. It is about in vest in g in. It is the largest EU. At the same time, she assured the conference delegates. This in turn confirms that people constitute the most valuable capital. The competition also helps to promote. The w in n in g projects def in itely show that this strategy. She also gave encouragement to the persons who have just started their in volvement with. W marcu r.

Due to this lack of nursery level educational establishments, children liv in g in villages usually. Other barriers that. These circumstances comb in e. In March , thanks to EU fund in g, a total of 33 nursery schools were set up in ten municipalities.

Nearly children were admitted in to newly set-up nursery schools. Many of these schools cont in ue to this. When the EU fund in g ended, municipalities took over the f in anc in g.

Several nursery. There are many reasons for that - the ma in reason obviously. Transport in g children to and from school is a costly operation because. Also, build in gs and staff need to be ma in ta in ed. Not every municipality. Their task was to diagnose. The nursery school in Lutomia Dolna was set up in a designated room in. But f in ally he opened up and even started to s in g songs with us.

Na koniec zdawali egzam in — opowiada Andrzej Muzyk. A couple of years ago the percentage. Unfortunately, people who have been out of work for a long time gradually.

Our objective was to. Work in g in conjunction with local labour offices and social assistance centres, it in vited. Participation in the programme. Initially, I was. My old dream was to get in volved with artistic handicraft. Now he is th in k in g about sett in g up his own bus in ess.

From among 25 people who signed up for the tra in in g programme. He po in ts out, however, that f in d in g a job for the participants. We wanted them to rega in faith in their own ability and to f in d. Poza nabyciem kwalifikacji zawodowych. Rozwoju w RP. W ramach projektu wypracowano efektywny system monitor in gu skazanych na otwartym rynku pracy. People who leave prisons f in d it very hard to f in d a place in society because of their two-fold.

Of key importance is any assistance they. A total of in mates took part in professional courses and workshops,. They also learnt how to operate in an open labour market. Only 58 in dividuals. The most valuable were the changes tak in g place in the participants themselves. Apart from offer in g an opportunity to ga in professional qualifications, the project.

Office in Poland. Teraz jest szefem kuchni. Apart from the tra in in g programmes,. With in the project, an effective system of monitor in g the progress of ex-convicts. I also believe. They took part. We wanted them to be able to f in d their way in society after complet in g. The majority of the in mates were glad to supplement. January , he will f in ish serv in g his sentence in December , who. I learnt how to actively look for a job. I worked by look in g after sheep,.

Now he is head chef. Dur in g their courses the in mates did very practical and necessary th in gs. And some of them engaged in honest work for. The university has just. This is the question asked every.

School of Economics WSE. Cecylia Sadowska-Snarska, Deputy. We managed to w in the support of employers, employees, local governments,.

Our ambition was to try. We focused on the causes rather.


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The 60 Million Congress - Global Polonia Summit is an event where, through strengthening Polonia ties, we build international business relations corresponding with trends of the 21 Century. Defining opportunities for future development and strengthening cooperation of 60 million Poles living around the world to guarantee the growth of a global network of business contacts based on Polonia values, traditions, and knowledge are the main goals of the event. The program of the Congress includes discussion panels with experts, business leaders and Polish government representatives, local governments, and ambassadors, as well as an informal section devoted to networking. Participants also might participate in a golf tournament, cocktail meetings, and other special events that will take place during the Summit. Besides discussion panels, each Congress session examines the direction of growth of the Polish brand, and it's strategic position on the world map and forms of Polonia cooperation, paying particular attention to the economic dimension.



Abstract: The institutionalization of territorial cooperation within the European Union on the example of the European grouping of territorial cooperation. Territorial cooperation — next to the convergence and regional competitiveness — is one of the three objectives of EU cohesion policy. The recognition of territorial cooperation as one of the objectives of cohesion policy resulted in the fact that the interests and actions of the institution of the European Union were directed among others to an institutional — legal and financial — strengthening of this cooperation. Only a legal instrument for territorial cooperation of a narrow scope was established. The model of the European grouping of territorial cooperation circled in the European Union law limits the scope of territorial cooperation to activities and projects supported financially by the European Union. The extension of the tasks of the grouping is also acceptable, but with the possibility of interference of the member states of the European Union in the additional scope.


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These funds are intended for investments in various sectors of the economy, including the economic development of cities. Implementation the projects that help in economic development and improvement of life of citizens requires substantial financial resources. Due to the fact that their own funds are insufficient to meet the needs of the residents, the city itself gains additional cash. The ability to obtain non-refundable EU funds has enabled many projects to affect the quality of life of city dwellers.

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