Jay Weidner: I have been very busy since we last spoke together. My wife Sharron Rose author of the book, The Path of the Priestess and I have started our own esoteric video production and distribution company called Sacred Mysteries. We also have a web site at www. I have co-written two books both with Vincent Bridges.

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Jay Weidner: I have been very busy since we last spoke together. My wife Sharron Rose author of the book, The Path of the Priestess and I have started our own esoteric video production and distribution company called Sacred Mysteries. We also have a web site at www. I have co-written two books both with Vincent Bridges.

This year the second book was released by Inner Traditions and is basically the same book with new research. Network X: Are these books about your investigation into the work of the enigmatic alchemist Fulcanelli? Jay Weidner: Yes, as we have discussed in previous interviews, I have been looking into the Fulcanelli phenomenon for almost 18 years.

This minor event began the most important journey of my life. When I first read the book I was amazed by its intelligence, its articulation and its obscurity. I wondered about its anonymous author named Fulcanelli. I was dumbfounded by it and I have continued to reread the book throughout the ensuing years.

I still read it every six months or so. Once I found it, the book sat by my bedside for the next five years, its pages slowly curling up from constant use. In this chapter Fulcanelli speaks of a strange cross in a churchyard in the small southwestern coastal town of Hendaye France, built by a mysterious and unknown alchemist over years ago, and that it holds the secrets of the universe. Now that was intriguing to me! By then I had moved from L. The library really helped me out a lot.

Through this research I discovered that the chapter on Hendaye had not been in the original edition of The Mystery of the Cathedrals that was printed in By this time though I knew that the Cross at Hendaye was concerned with describing the four ages, the relationship to certain cards in the tarot, that the chapter on Hendaye had been added later and that there had been a huge stink in Europe caused by the publication of the original book and by the enigma of Fulcanelli.

The OSS had even been looking for him. I wondered if that was when the additional chapter on Hendaye had been given to Canseliet.

One of the authors of the best selling book, The Morning of the Magicians claimed that he met Fulcanelli. There was no doubt, it was a real mystery and I was completely hooked. Jay Weidner: This would now be late This would interrupt my investigation in some ways and help it in others.

Especially later when it came time to actually seek funding for the research. I persevered though. My family and friends thought that I had lost my mind. I became obsessed by all of the secrets that the world was hiding, the occult, French Hermeticism but most especially alchemy.

So the show Mind Over Matters became a vehicle for the outer fringes of the research that actually began with my investigation into Fulcanelli. I knew that the Cross at Hendaye was telling me that a catastrophe of some kind was going to happen. Fulcanelli clearly tells us that this catastrophe will not only herald the end of the Iron Age but will also be of a celestial nature. Indeed the angry sun face on the Cross indicates that this disaster has something to do with the sun.

But I was lost. The questions of how an unknown alchemist working on the cross years ago could know about all of this also amazed me. Now I also knew that there was another world, of sorts, that lay at right angles to our world. Through all of this research I was beginning to understand the hyper-dimensional nature of our reality.

One of my good friends was, and still is, Dr. Through his incredible knowledge I began to understand the dynamics of the hyper dimensional matrix that surrounds us like an invisible veil. Also through my radio show I met many scientists and mystics who were attempting to explain the relationship between these multiple dimensions. It was Terence who first clued me in that the center of the galaxy might be important to the Hendaye work. In , I had a long conversation with him in Seattle concerning alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Cross.

Although he was more interested in John Dee, he did point me in the direction of looking at the center of the galaxy in that conversation. Jay Weidner: Yes, he was a favorite of the listeners and mine. By early , I had decided to concentrate completely on the Latin inscription that was engraved in the top of the cross, which reads:. I wrote out the inscription on a piece of paper and carried it with me all of the time.

One can read about this in my 2 books but needless to say I had decided to break the code of the inscription. For many months I lay the paper with inscription out in front of me and would just stare at it. I found out a lot of other ways to reword and rephrase the inscription. Some made more sense than others. This process is all laid out in the books. One day though, while waiting in my car for someone, I laid out the page on the seat and I let my eyes go out of focus as I looked at the words.

Stunned by this discovery and remembering that Fulcanelli says that the inscription describes a country of refuge my heart pounded in my ears. Realizing that this was probably not a coincidence or some kind of fantasy I began going over the inscription — changing and altering it in any way that I could. When I did this I also came up with a secondary message that actually enforced the first message.

Reading backwards I got:. Now I was blown away. Besides beginning to read everything I could on the history of Peru I now had something that would allow me to show that the research had actually accomplished something. I placed my breakdown of the Latin inscription out on some large pieces of cardboard to use for demonstrations and began looking for some help in the investigation.

But before I go on with my story, I must tell you that one of the very first things I discovered when I looked into the history of Peru was the 16 th century book, Chronicle of Felipe Guamen Poma de Ayala. In the book I discovered the drawing by Ayala, which shows the symbols of the cross at Hendaye in ancient Peru. The evidence was now building that the Cross at Hendaye and the writings of Fulcanelli were anything but unimportant. With renewed interest I plunged into The Mystery of the Cathedrals again looking for more secrets.

Jay Weidner: I could see that people were now excited by the research. I showed some of my friends at the Seattle Metaphysical Library what I had and they encouraged me to keep going. A wealthy woman on Bainbridge Island gave me money also to continue the research.

By early , I had revealed the research up to that point to a wealthy friend of mine named Gerald Kessler. He was impressed with it and agreed to help finance trips to Peru, Egypt and France. I have to say that was the threshold year for the research. Almost everything of importance, outside of the Peru Interpretation, occurred in Besides being a brilliant businessman, he was one of the few people that I have ever known that really understands hyper-dimensional physics.

Jirka told me at that time that he was going to use his wealth to fund researchers, like me, who were looking into the subjects of alchemy and higher dimensional physics.

He had already given a lot of money to Stan Tenen and Richard Hoagland and he wanted to help me as well. In return, Jirka would finance my trips and pay me to do the research.

One of the people that Jirka also funded at this time was Dan Winter. Dan moved to Boulder in August He is an interesting guy and I had many long conversations with him concerning magic, physics and the Hermetic tradition. Dan desperately wanted to know about my Hendaye research but like a good hermeticist, I was keeping quiet about it. Jirka would fund me but I had to be discrete, that was our bargain. At this point everything broke loose.

Dan introduced me to a guy named Nick Fiorenza. When I did I knew that the next major answer to the puzzle of Hendaye was solved. Nick had taken up where several other astrologers had started. Exactly when this was going to happen was up for debate. Nick was saying sometime in , others a little later. In a flash I knew I had it.

This lined up perfectly with Fulcanelli and eerily shadowed what Mevryl had also said. Now I had at least a rough time period for the great end of this age, the Iron Age. I asked Nick to check out the exact moment that the Great Cross would occur on his Voyager Program but for some reason, Nick was unsure and would not give me a date.

I presented this data to Jirka and he was amazed. They were wonderful. I was like a kid at Christmas. I got to pick anyone I wanted to attend the conference and Jirka would pay him, or her, to come to Boulder. We had a great time and over several days I was able to talk with each of them about the Hendaye material.

Of all of them the one that showed the most interest was Robert Lawlor. He agreed that the Cross was pointing at the center of the galaxy and that the end of the Iron Age is likely upon us.

As a writer of books on Sacred Geometry and the Aborigines of Australia as well as being the translator of much of the work of Schwaller De Lubicz, including the massive Temple of Man volumes, I was a willing listener. Robert suggested that I read the work of Astro-Physicist Dr. Paul LaViollete.


Alchemy texts archives - Fulcanelli

The street of alchemy. At last : " Colloquium Fulcanelli " the 30 april , in south France, in Pradet. The true identity of Fulcanelli will be revealed by Walter Fulgrosse and Filostene, the first one by his own research, the other by proofs given to him by his alchemical master. Subscription up to end of december and order for this books to the editor by cliking on the photo above. Assan Dina's tarots in the Avenieres's castle. One photo to see all the desk. Details of the Strenght , God-House , Pope



Alchemy texts archives - Fulcanelli Back to Alchemy texts archive. The book deals extensively with the Samothracian Mystery Deities, i. To make a long story short, is Alleau's book to be taken for the supposed unpublished third book that was written by Fulcanelli? Is it a substitute?


Fulcanelli fl. Fulcanelli was likely a Frenchman educated in the ways of alchemical lore, architecture, art, science and languages. Its first edition consisted of copies and was published by Jean Schemit at 52 Rue Laffitte, Paris. During , he accepted the sons of Ferdinand de Lesseps as students and in two more students: Jules Boucher and Gaston Sauvage. In , Fulcanelli relocated to 59 rue Rochechouart where he allegedly succeeded in transmuting base metals into gold. In , with the publication of the international bestseller The Morning of the Magicians , Pauwels and Bergier popularized the mystery of the Master Alchemist. Without neglecting the belief of some researchers that Canseliet himself could have been Fulcanelli, Canseliet himself believed Fulcanelli's Master was Basil Valentine , an alchemist of the 15th century; the theoretical Master at least, for Fulcanelli's initiator may have been his own wife.


Ed de Vecchi. Who was the masterly author of the Mystery of the Cathedrals and of the Dwellings of the Philosophers, whose depth remains considerable still nowadays, at the beginning of the 21st century. Indeed, a great number of his reports and communications were retained by the Academy of Science. It is thus by no means surprising that he was in contact, according to the own testimony of Eugene Canseliet, with the scientists of his time, such as the elderly Chevreul, Marcellin Berthelot or even Pierre Curie, but also with the popular politicians of his time, whom he was meeting at his friend's Ferdinand de Lesseps, the man at the origin of the famous Suez Canal! This pseudonym indicated his hermetic concerns indeed just as it indicated his scientific research, which allowed him to reach After having claimed, at the beginning, that he was himself, as Paul le Cour thought , the eminent founder of the Atlantis magazine , the authors Jules Boucher, Robert Ambelain, Robert Amadou and more recently Genevieve Dubois 1 did not hesitate to proclaim that he could be only the painter Jean-Julien Champagne, unless he was R. Jobert who, passioned by Alchemy, would have performed in public, in , an authentic transmutation into gold.

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