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Tupper Saussy. While Franklin D. Internet conspiracy sites strive to identify the conspiratorial factions. We get pieces here and pieces there. The world is run by Freemasons, some say. When Victor Marsden published The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in 1 9 0 6, which purported to be a Jewish plan to take over the world, Jewish writers denied responsibility, charging a Catholic plot to defame Jewry.

Whose side was Marsden on? You can get so deep into conspiracies that the suspects start canceling each other out. It can become frustrating. Tupper Saussy has come to our emotional rescue. During his ten years as a fugitive from the Department of Justice convicted of a crime that cannot be found in the lawbooks , Saussy occupied himself with an investigation into the powers that be.

It was an investigation the likes of which, as far as I know, has never before been undertaken. T h e fruit of his amazing legwork is Rulers of Evil, a powerful book that in less loving hands might have been angry and judgmental. Signs, mottoes, and monuments? Quick: what occupies the highest point on the U. Capitol building? Once you know these things, the fog begins lifting.

Saussy has analyzed hundreds of signatory clues left by the true rulers of the world, clues that we have perhaps been trained to ignore. The result: an unavoidable touchstone for all future works on the subject. By all means keep it on your lower library shelf, within close reach of inquisitive children. See photo album below. As Tupper articulately summarized Rulers of Evil for him, I personally witnessed the brow of this fearless executive develop a twitch.

I saw him actually gulp. All right, Rulers of Evil is extreme. Does that frighten you? I wanted to represent this book from the moment I read the first draft back in 1 9 9 3 , completely unaware that its author could claim the classic Miracle On Main Street as his own. He can keep a secret. Rulers of Evil is almost a self-help product. The useful knowledge it imparts reveals the world structure as it really is. Once we can see, our choices increase, our pathways widen, and our lives improve.

Parts of the book are so rich in historical detail that your brain might feel over-burdened. When that happens, just flip to more readable parts. Or study the pictures. Enjoy freedom of movement. Use a bookmark, or the dustjacket flaps. I can say this with confidence because Rulers of Evil is still influencing my own life, having begun in me a process of answering many of the heretofore unanswerable questions of our time. He was a professor of botany named Edmund Berkeley.

Berkeley studied the tab on my manila file folder as though it were some rare species of leaf. Suddenly his eyes leapt into my face.

Giddy eighteen-year-old that I was, I gulped and tried to smile. Your people must have been Huguenots. The survivors were exiled. Some established in England, others in Prussia. Some came to America, as your people obviously did. In Tampa, my hometown, there was a high school named Jesuit. Jesuit High was greatly esteemed academically and athletically.

I was aware of a connection between the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church, but little else. They work exclusively for the Pope, take an oath to h im and him alone. Kind of a swordless army.

That night I called my father, who answered Dr. Yes, our people were Huguenots. They arrived at Savannah harbor in the latter half of the eighteenth century, after a stopover of several generations in Scotland. They had indeed been run out of their beloved country, the same way the Jews were run out of Germany. Nazis chased the Jews, Jesuits chased us. A h , but that was a long time ago, my father said, and I agreed. So I forgot about Huguenots and Jesuits and plunged into my college career, my future, my life.

We were standing a few paces apart in the marble hallway outside a federal courtroom in Chattanooga, waiting for the morning session to be called. I had no doubt that the charges would be dropped. Yet I possessed a letter signed by the IRS District Director stating that a diligent search of IRS files had failed to disclose any tax liability in my name for those years. People who have no tax liability are not required to file returns. Why was I there? The booming voice of a lawyer friend broke my concentration.

He introduced us in a jovial fashion and then rushed off to a huddle of other litigants. MacCoon and I shook hands. Something inside told me to press. He seemed to get a little edgy. Are you a Jesuit? The dialogue ended suddenly with the hoarse drawl of a bailiff announcing that court was now in session.

Were the Jesuits chasing Protestants again? Actually, I had not protested any taxes at all. I had merely discovered some truths about the tax and monetary laws and had dared to stand on them. Was this a religious persecution here? Was my stand on Truth somehow so offensive that the Pope had dispatched one of his swordless warriors to do me in?

A n d then there was the date. The charges against me were filed on July 3 1 s t. That happens to be the Feast Day of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founding father of the Society of Jesus. A bizarre series of furtive proceedings occurred over the next eleven months. Exculpatory evidence was ignored or suppressed. There were prosecutorial improprieties, which the court excused.

When I attempted to avoid the consequences of the improprieties, I was punished. Few precedents for such judicial steam-rolling could be found outside the annals of the Roman Inquisition, which I learned had been administered since 1 5 4 2 by the Jesuits.

What was this — the American Inquisition? Ultimately, a jury acquitted me of willfully failing to file income tax returns for 1 9 7 8 and 1 9 7 9. But for 1 9 7 7 they found willfulness, and the higher courts upheld their verdict. It was only a misdemeanor. The last defendant in my district to be convicted on the same count had been sentenced to six weeks. But the court sentenced me to a full year, the maximum allowed by statute.

But that would be gameplaying. How can you repent of willfully failing to do something that was never required in the first place? WHEN I soberly reviewed the long list of prosecutorial absurdities, I decided that I was being punished for something not remotely connected to willfulness in filing tax returns.

I was being punished for mobilizing what turned out to be the only constitutional issue no court in the United States will fully entertain — the money issue. I wrote a book The Miracle On Main Street: Saving Yourself and America from Financial Ruin 1 9 8 0 , in which I compared American money as mandated by the Constitution— gold and silver coin — with American money currently in use — notes, computer entries, and base-metal tokens.

Not only was the money in use inferior to constitutional money, but also it had been introduced without a constitutional amendment. Since our values were denominated in units of lawless money, we had become a lawless nation. Quality of life follows quality of money. I urged the people to take the initiative in nudging government officials to restore the kind of monetary system established by the Constitution.

The ultimate payoff would be a wholesome society. Main Street activism would have worked a miracle.


Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge about Governing Bodies

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Rulers of Evil : Useful Knowledge about Governing Bodies

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F. Tupper Saussy Rulers Of Evil, Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies


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