Find this Pin and more on Ebla by Gonul Biancat. Unexplained Mysteries. The Son Of Man. Ancient History. Though the Gutenberg Bible was certainly the first mass produced printed work, it was hardly the first printed book — nor was it even the first made using movable type. Chinese and Korean inventors had been producing printed books for centuries before Gutenberg was born.

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Ancient Near East. Ancient Greek. Ancient Aliens. Ancient History. List Of Cities. Inauguration Ceremony. Semitic Languages. Historical Maps. Turkic Languages. Dna Genealogy. Let Us Pray. Blue Green Eyes. Indian Language. Long Distance. Rugs On Carpet. Map hand-drawn by T. Lawrence of northern Arabia, detailing his route on the way to capturing Aqaba in Find this Pin and more on Randomery by Nick Walker. Arab Revolt.

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Ebla Tabletleri’ndeki Esrarengiz Sırlar

Ancient Near East. Ancient Greek. Ancient Aliens. Ancient History. List Of Cities. Inauguration Ceremony. Semitic Languages.


Ebla Digital Archives

The Ebla tablets are a collection of as many as 1, complete clay tablets , 4, fragments, and many thousands of minor chips found in the palace archives [1] of the ancient city of Ebla , Syria. The tablets were discovered by Italian archaeologist Paolo Matthiae and his team in —75 [2] during their excavations at the ancient city at Tell Mardikh. They all date to the period between c. The tablets were discovered just where they had fallen when their wooden shelves burned in the final conflagration of "Palace G".


Ebla tablets


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