What We Do. Business Aviation. Portable Oxygen Systems. Protective Breathing Equipment.

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What We Do. Business Aviation. Portable Oxygen Systems. Protective Breathing Equipment. Flight personnel must be able to perform their duties safely and effectively — even in the event of smoke, in-flight fire or ground evacuation. With extra safety protection, anti-contamination technologies and a flexible design, OXYCREW offers one of the safest protective breathing experiences in the marketplace.

Maximum crew protection Our smoke hood offers protection for the head and chest against heat and dripping plastics. Oxygen provided in a closed-loop circuit helps avoid contamination in smoke or in-flight fire. Ease of use We designed the hood with the oxygen source away from the head and neck, reducing heat and noise stress and allowing the wearer to move around more easily.

The smoke hood comes packed in foil and covered by a lightweight container to provide easy access. And we offer several different dimensions of lightweight stowage boxes for flexible placement.

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OXYCREW® Protective Breathing Hood

This protective smoke hood, specially designed for cabin crew, uses compressed aeronautical quality oxygen and delivers this oxygen to commercial flight crewmembers, as soon as it is put on, for 15 minutes of operating time. The Air Liquide PN F hood is protective breathing equipment specially designed for flight crewmembers so that they can move about in a polluted atmosphere smoke on board, smoke coming from outside during evacuation, fire in the cabin, cabin contaminated by toxic fumes, etc. Its original design ensures that no adjustments need to be made to an oro-nasal mask and gives precious extra seconds in operational circumstances. Fewer than 8 seconds are required to take the hood out of its box, rip open its sealed cover and put it over the head.


Type 1: Drager Style PBE - P/N 6408-005

The Essex PBE Protective Breathing Equipment is a portable, self-contained, personal smoke hood designed to safeguard flight attendants and cabin crewmembers from the effects of smoke, carbon dioxide, harmful gases and oxygen deficiency while managing in-flight fire, smoke or fume emergencies. The PBE uses compressed aviator grade oxygen as its source of supply to crewmembers. The PBE provides 15 minutes of oxygen and one size fits most adults. The Essex PBE Protective Breathing Equipment is a proven design that has been in service worldwide in commercial aviation fleets since The oxygen system in the Essex PBE Protective Breathing Equipment consists of two oxygen cylinder assemblies mounted to the bottom side of the neck seal. Mounted slightly below eye level on the left inner side of the hood, this light functions as a secondary indicator for monitoring oxygen activation, reassuring the wearer that the equipment is functioning.

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