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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Attitudes and values in engineering students: the Human Development Scale.

Mariana Ruiz. This text presents the results of a study aimed to address determined by more than the achievement of theoretical this necessity. The paper covers some background theory on knowledge and the development of practical skills. It Human Development, it then presents the evaluation means a more complex process of change in the person instrument and its results followed by the discussion of the which, most desirably, will lead to the development of findings.

The main goal of this research was to provide functioning being, and the mechanisms that encourage a helpful tool for the researcher on Human Development personal growth. Phenomenological Philosophy and the Person-Centered Approach [2]-[10]-[23]. Such knowledge areas have many Index Terms - engineering evaluation, engineering students years of research and have proven results in different behavior and feelings, engineering students values and realms.

Human Development includes the personal, responsibility. Better decision making is, that we cannot forget the promotion of wholeness of the in fact, a product of the way reality is perceived and person, and his state of continuous change and growth.

It is understood. Free access of information, on the other professional practice and a fulfilling life, since any hand, leads to finding more mature meanings of the educational process should take care of the aspects that experience and making decisions on a better basis.

What we are searching for is helping students to be more Such constructs, derived from the Person-Centered efficient in the use of their creative potential in order to find Approach conceived by Carl Rogers are: Self-actualization, and chose, with flexibility, the best option in any given Openness to experience, Empathy, Congruence and situation. Such an evolution on the engineering education Acceptance [10]. Even though many colleges and universities include in Self-actualization their curricula several strategies to promote the harmonic development of several qualities and potentials of students, The term self-actualization was developed by Abraham they usually lack of a practical technique of evaluation of Maslow and is defined as the basic organismic tendency to such qualities in order to confirm if the educational move towards the realization of the inherent potentials of the strategies supposed to promote them are really working or human being [23].

Congruence is also understood as the find by himself the best alternatives of functioning that will transparency in the actions. From a phenomenological point lead to wholeness and optimal results in life, or what is also of view, the person needs to be aware of his liberty and his known as optimal psychological adequation. Self- responsibility of living the life he chooses.

He is committed actualization is related to the term intrinsic motivation, also to assume the consequences and achievements of his defining the force that leads movement towards realization actions.

Every person is intrinsically motivated to actualize his Acceptance potentials. In particular to our discussion, every engineering student is called, by an internal motivation, to develop his Acceptance is understood as the openness to the own critical and analytical skills, to learn to give the best of his experience as well as such of others in an environment of knowledge to the achievement of new products, processes, warmth and recognition of reality and life circumstances.

When the conditions are not set to Acceptance is not ignoring reality, nor willing to deform it promote this actualization of potentials, frustration might or change it to our will.

Better engineering failure. It is the openness to experience that allows the potential of the Even if human behavior is extremely complex, it is possible human being to flourish, and leads to social learning, to quantify, to certain extent, some variables that could emotional intelligence and true education towards the action denote the degree of development of attitudes, values and with liberty and responsibility [11].

This would be a richer feelings in college students. The basic elements in the conception of the educational experience. Professors are to create the facilitating conditions that lead These are: Openness to Experience and Congruence. Recently techniques were analyzed [1]-[5]-[9]-[13]-[18]-[19]-[21]- graduated engineers can live in a more productive and [22].

Then, some specific steps towards the achievement of satisfactory way if they feel that, in any given situation, they the scale were taken: can be perceiving the more subtle details and use this 1. Statement of the elements that could identify the information to make better decisions for themselves and the degree of Human Development of a specific group company which they work for. Design of the questions or items that would Empathy adequately measure these elements.

Assessment of the statistic reliability and validity The attitude of empathy shown by professors leads to more of the items and the instrument. Administration of the instrument, scoring, and communicative relationship. Students need to be interpretation of the results.

The items were all reviewed by experts in Congruence the field of Human Development. The preliminary version was tested with a sample of 90 engineering students and the Congruence is defined as the harmonious and integrated final instrument was administered to a sample of during functioning of the organism, within which, the person can the spring term of The instrument was named Human attend to his needs of development [15]. It contains six subscales that evaluate: defined as the attitude of genuineness.

SPSS program. Pearson Correlation Coefficients were The EDHAI contains 55 items that appear in a two-page computed to determine the significant relationship between structured questionnaire with a 4 point likert scale where 1 variables. The results obtained by promote divergent thinking and allows to capture reality subscale are as follows: in its full complexity, helping the decision making Openness to Experience: Higher results on this scale for process.

Congruence is understood as the coincidence between Congruence: The assessment shows a moderate lack of what is thought, felt and expressed. Feelings of Security: Older engineering students showed a wholeness derived from the recognition of good somewhat lower level on this scale comparing students 21 performance are specifically evaluated. Major field correlates feelings of worth and confidence in who we are, what significantly with this scale being Biomedical Engineering we know and what we feel we are good for.

The results show that age group of the student does not RESULTS make a significant difference on the degree of Human Development of most of the characteristics evaluated in the The EDHAI was administered to a sample of college present study, hence it could be inferred that, on average, students from several engineering majors Food students maintain certain characteristics in about the same Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical level regardless of the time they have spent in Engineering Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Systems and Computer Education Programs.

Nevertheless, it was found that the Science and Mechanical Engineering during the spring term older the student, the less satisfied he appears to be. The fact of at the Iberoamericana University, Mexico City. The that more years are spent in college without being able to distribution by gender in this study showed that Female graduate is a clear source of dissatisfaction, but there could were The age be other reasons for students discontent, for example distribution showed that the respondents aged between frustration in a highly demanding intellectual environment, 19 years were Institutions are expected to be There are only two subscales of the EDHAI whose not only sources of knowledge, but also promoters of results are affected by the major field of the student which significant learning and harmonious functioning, such that are: Relationship Closeness and Responsibility.

Students students may efficiently access their internal resources in from the majors of Food Technology, Chemical Engineering order to act in more creative, autonomous, congruent and and Mechanical Engineering scored significantly higher in fulfilling ways.

The interpretation of these findings [1] Avery, D. It could be said that women have a tendency to be [7] Hendriks, P. They are more open to experience, responsible and closer in their relationships.

Even if engineering education is traditionally oriented to the [11] Mayer, J. In fact, it is higher no. We ask [15] Ortega, L. San Diego, California: Academic Press, , pp. Related Papers. By Peter Creed. Classification of professional values based on motivational content: An exploratory study on Italian Adolescents. By Fiorenzo Laghi and Susanna Pallini. By Heather Hussey and Angela Legg. By maryam amrovani. By Ozge Kantas.

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