Dentrix Ascend Ratings Overall. Ease of Use. Customer Service. About Dentrix Ascend Dentrix Ascend offers a smarter, more natural interface that's easy to learn and master.

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Here are some steps to consider taking whether you're searching for a job, need gig work quickly or have been asked to work from home. Many employers are hiring now to fill urgent talent needs. Here's our list of companies hiring now.

As our daily lives shift with the spread of COVID, you may require the support of unemployment benefits. Here are several steps you can take to find the help you need when leaving a job. Indeed Community. Hi, Currently my office is using Dentrix software. I love this dental program because it is easy to navigate since it is Windows-based. I am curious about what dental software other offices are using. Thanks for your input! I access it only from a clinical aspect as a dental assistant.

Does anyone know why there would be such a vast difference from 1 practice to another? Maybe a different version or updated version vs non updated? Thanks in advance for your advice. Most offices want you to already have knowledge of it. It's free and works for me perfectly. Hello I wanted to ask if anyone has ever converted Eaglesoft to Dentrix? Thank you! My love of the dental field keeps "biting" at me. I was cross-trained, but have no experience with Eaglesoft or Dentrix.

Offices hiring these days require this experience. Does anyone know where I can get the necessary experience needed to be hired? Due to an accident in , I am no longer able to practice. I am cross-trained, but have no experience with either Eaglesoft or Dentrix programs. Where can one turn to in order to gain the necessary experience required for offices currently hiring? The office I currently work at is beginning to do Eclaims. We currently use Easydental. Does anyone know where i can get Easy Dental training out of the office, on my own??????

Sheila you're correct, we're using Eaglesoft. I know the Dentist I go to uses curve dental as there www. They say it is easy to use and super efficient. I'm presently using Eagle Soft and will soon be checking into changing over to Dentrix. Eagle Soft has a lot of bugs in it. Simple stuff like you can't chart an OL filling on an upper molar without it breaking it up into what looks like 2 filling.

We as dentists all know the distal pit is connected to the lingual grove and not the central pit of an upper molar. Eagle Soft doesn't know that. The biggest problem is the software is not able to run on the latest 64 bit computers or MicroSoft 7 with out a lot of problems. The biggest problem is you can't back up the data. I'm one of those dentist who never trust my back up. If I can't restore it on my home computer and get the lastest up date to what I left at the office then I know it did not work as a back up.

I pity the dentist who backs up any software and never tries to restore it until his server dies and then finds out the backups were not done right. Well with Eagle Soft you can not cut and paste the Data file and have a functioning restored software. The first thing I notice is the schedule did not get restored. I was hoping they would solve some of these problems with the software updates. They say they release version 16 slowly to not swamp the tech support people.

Here it is 6 months later and I still have not received the update. My tech person says because the update has a lot of problems. I was drawn to Eagle Soft because it's free you only pay for the monthly support but if you want any additions you pay for everything.

They get the money out of you one way or the other. I would advise anyone to go with Dentrix. There are more bugs in than what I mentioned here and their tech support says, "Yeh that's a bug we need to fix". In response to jorogerscounts. Hello, could you please tell me or post a link to where you ordered your books from? In response to AnaMarie I am doing the same thing. You can order books on Administrative dental Assistant.

It comes with the dentrix program for practice. Hi, Do they have dental hygienist in Greece. Hi, I am currently in school for dental assisting and would like to know if there are any dental software demos for free. This would benefit my classroom much!! I am looking at using this software but they are telling my I have to use their credit card provider. Is this true? I was thinking we just have to add a gateway to the mix. ANy thoughts. Woah, sorry about the anchor text. It looks like it's not supported.

From what I have seen in looking for a job in the dental front office field, most offices are requiring Dentrix experience. I've got a couple leads in the works for a job right now, but if they don't pan out, I think I'm going to order it myself.

I've been out of the dental field for too long and need to brush up on my skills. Have anyone used DentiMax software? I am trying to figure out which software is the best in the market.

I have used several dental software. I am currently using Dentrix at my office and I like it but I do miss parts of Eaglesoft. I have also used practiceworks and it is different but has thing within it that I like a lot. If I could combine all three I would. I'm certified dental assistant, I have been working for 2 years in the back office Right now I'm unemployment and I want to learn front the front office.. I went and check to many shools for this matter.. I'm lost and I need to learn dental program..

Where I have to go?? I'm happy of doing this course in home online.. I had heard about eaglesoft.. Can someone tell me if you have to be apart of an office to use the Dentrix tutorial?

I want to learn the software in order to find a better job and alot of offices want to have knowledge of it. Awesome let me know if you have any questions! I am actually at an office now that has Eagle Soft.

I have used Dentrix for 7 years. I am trying to learn but prefer Dentrix for many different reasons. I definatley think that Dentrix is easier to learn. My dentist bought this office and it came with Eagle Soft. I have convinced her to change to Dentrix G3.

Shelia, I find the Eaglesoft software to be a little confusing a little bit. It is Dentrix difficult? Yes we have! In response to Missy Hi Missy, Since you're using Dentrix, has your office gone completely paperless? I love Dentrix, I think that it is the cutting edge of dental software! It easy to learn and user friendly! I think that this is the program that will optimize your pratice and give it that extra edge you are seeking!


Dental Software

Dentrix, the clinical and practice management software from Henry Schein Practice Solutions, is an industry standard used in thousands of dental offices across the United States. Fortunately, the software is designed specifically to keep the learning curve to a minimum, and multiple options are available for learning Dentrix. If you're a licensed and registered Dentrix user, you can access online tutorials and feature previews by logging in with your customer ID and office zip code. Login also enables access to the support knowledge base for additional learning.

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How to Learn Dentrix

Last week we shared 10 through 6 on our most popular Dentrix tip countdown. We've saved the best for last. Here's the top 5 most popular tips from our blog this year:. The Treatment Plan Statistics Report.

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