Through August , Boston University has moved to remote teaching and learning, canceled on-campus activities, and minimized lab research activities. Jesuit missionary to Peru. Born in Medina del Campo, Spain, Acosta had completed most of his studies as a Jesuit when he arrived in Lima in He taught theology in the Jesuit major seminary in Lima and between and conducted a study tour of southern Peru and Bolivia. In he was named provincial superior of his order.

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Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures, volume New York: Peter Lang, The Society of Jesus, its members, and the works they composed in different parts of the world are an ongoing source of inspiration for scholars, even for those outside the field of Jesuit studies.

Gregory J. In the introduction, Shepherd proposes analyzing De procuranda from a literary perspective, by examining what he considers its three main components: the subtext, the prologues, and the intertext. The term doctrinas de indios is used by Acosta and the Jesuits in Peru in their correspondence, among other sources, to refer to a pre-existing evangelization method imposed on them by Toledo.

He then expresses a preference for the method of the more itinerant missions misiones , which he promoted, as Shepherd states. Despite this, in De procuranda Acosta makes it clear that he is willing to compromise on the doctrinas de indios ; in , as provincial in Peru he accepted the doctrina in Juli, which continued to divide the Jesuits in Peru.

De procuranda was an early attempt—the decrees reached Lima in October —to adapt Tridentine Catholicism to Andean soil, after more than four decades of missionary work by other religious orders. The introduction of the doctrines of the faith, with a particular emphasis on the mystery of Christ himself, and the administration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist—essential for the salvation of the Indians and one of the most important ministries of the Society—are thoroughly dealt with in the last books of De procuranda , with Trent cited as the highest authority.

Keen though Shepherd is to analyze the contemporary debates in which Acosta was involved, he misses one of the main contentions of De procuranda : the dismissal of previous missionary approaches—encouraged by the First Lima Council —52 and especially by the Dominicans—as insufficiently addressing the conundrum of the salvation of the Amerindians through natural law and implicit faith in Christ.

A second chapter is dedicated to the prologues to De procuranda , particularly the Dedicatoria and the Proemio. An intertextual approach to De procuranda , a complex work by an accomplished theologian, should indeed be celebrated.

On the contrary, they could help the non-specialist reader understand the originality of De procuranda , reflecting the new conundrums that arose after more than four decades of evangelization in Peru.

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De procuranda Indorum salute: Educación y evangelización


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