No portion of this work may be reproduced in any. Complete Mage and to take full advantage of the new options. In running text, each mention. Casting a spell with a casting time action if you are currently flat-footed. Mage s of the Arcane Order Complete Arcane.

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Contents Helpless Defenders. If you wind up with a fraction, round down, even if the fraction is one-half or larger.

As detailed elsewhere in this book, certain rolls, such as damage and hit points, have a minimum of 1. Sometimes a special rule makes you multiply a number or a die roll. A general rule is a basic such special cases. For instance, a monster descrip- to make such judgment calls unnecessary. Players and DMs make like it does in the real world. Minutes, hours, days, and mistakes, and these mistakes tend to average out over time. Then the round is used. Round 5 Combat is played in rounds. Each round represents 6 seconds in the game world, regardless of how long it takes to play out the round.

A minute contains 10 rounds. See Initiative, page 70, for more on beginning combat. Temporary hit points gained in this fashion last for up to 1 Some attacks deal damage to an ability score in the form of hour. See Temporary Hit Points, page If no saving throw is mentioned, none is allowed.

While any as when enemies strike them, even if an enemy attacks using loss is debilitating, losing all points in an ability score can unarmed attacks or natural weapons. It lies helpless on the ground. It of the construct, deathless, or undead type. If a creature stands motionless, rigid, and helpless. Any significant interruption, such as Having a score of 0 in an ability is different from having combat, during the rest prevents healing.

Complete bed no ability score whatsoever. A creature that has no score rest for the entire 24 hours doubles this rate. Undertaking in a certain ability treats that attribute as a nonability see even light activity during a hour period prevents this page Parrillo Long-Term Care Someone who has the Heal skill can help another creature double its recovery of ability score points by succeed- ing on a DC 15 Heal check.

A healer can tend up to six patients. Providing this sort of care is light activity and requires medical supplies. On a critical hit, an attack that causes ability drain deals twice the indicated amount of drain—if the drain is expressed as a die range, roll twice as many dice.

ACTION TYPES The most common type of full-round action is a full attack, During a normal round, you can perform a standard action which allows you to make multiple melee or ranged attacks and a move action, or you can perform a full-round action.

You can also perform an immediate action or a swift action, and as many free actions as your DM allows. Activities step.

In some situations, such only a standard action during your turn, such as during as during a surprise round, your activity, and thereby your a surprise round. It also tells you how movement is treated. You can perform one or more free actions during your turn.

However, the DM can put reasonable limits on what you can See Movement, page 90, for more on movement. The really do for free. Actions in Combat table, page 8, details many possible actions and their parameters. A standard action allows you to perform an act that takes You can take a swift action any time during your turn, but a substantial amount of time.

The most common type of you can perform only one swift action per turn. An immediate action consumes a tiny amount of time. Using an immediate action on your turn counts as your A move action allows you to move your speed or perform swift action for that turn. If you use an immediate action an action that takes a similar amount of time. A full-round action consumes almost all your effort during a round. The concept that swift and Halfway into 3rd Edition, while designing Miniatures Handbook, immediate actions could serve as one more resource available we realized that free actions hid a potential smorgasbord of cool to a player opened up new vistas of possibility, expanding op- new mechanics.

We subdivided the free actions into immediate tions in the game. Cordell, designer pqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqrs 7. It also shows the action type required and Spur mount No 89 whether an activity provokes attacks of opportunity AoO.

Stand from prone Yes 35 The page of this book where a related entry contains further Switch hands with an item No — details is also noted. An item that Make Concentration check No is stored or out of easy reach must be retrieved as a Make passive Listen check or Spot check No 88 stored item. If you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, Stay in saddle DC 5 Ride check you can draw two light or one-handed weapons in the time it normally takes to draw one.

Loosing a Use feat30 Maybe — shield means taking it off your arm and dropping it. In this case, action. You usually provoke an attack of 18 Loading requires two hands. Loading a bolt from a case already attached to a repeating crossbow is a free action. You can still cast spells that have somatic duplicates. Lighting that fuse description says otherwise. See note 16 for spells that works like lighting a torch.

Such an item must be retrieved as a stored item. Long normal for the movement involved. As such, 7 You can attempt an overrun as a standard action taken it can be used once in an attack or charge, or one or during your movement. This is an exception to the rule more times during a full attack. You can choose another target to creature, yes, but only from that creature. If not, no. If you undertake an act that the effect. Disable Device, Heal, Open Lock, Search, would normally provoke attacks of opportunity, then and Use Rope provoke attacks of opportunity.

Skills this standard action provokes attacks of opportunity. A spell- like ability that duplicates a spell with a casting time of less than 1 standard action has the same casting time as the duplicated spell. When multiple crea- aid another.

In cases when a skill restricts who can achieve tures can aid the same ally, the bonuses they provide stack. You the ability check normally requires. If the result same kind of ability check, simulating a cooperative effort. For every 10 points your check result exceeds 10, the circumstance bonus increases by 1. If you succeed, you can choose to give your ally one of roll or AC. If neither the attacker nor the Illus. Polak dispel that magic. Once a magical effect is no longer affected target is inside the antimagic area, the attack resolves nor- by antimagic, the magic returns.

Two magic properties. Their effects are affected like spells see Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and below. Extraordinary abilities corporeal undead still function in an work normally. Their special abilities are affected by the antimagic as detailed below. If a by suffering no adverse effects from the antimagic. Time elapsed within any type disappear if they an antimagic area still counts against a enter an antimagic area.

These creatures If an instantaneous spell is entirely reappear in the same spot once the suppressed, that spell is effectively can- antimagic effect goes away, unless celed. An instantaneous whose duration has expired—see area spell is only entirely suppressed and Spells, below. But antimagic can be troublesome. Then you can show them up with your spell-like, supernatural, or extraordinary. To me, the division be- extraordinary ability to howl, throw quills, fast heal, or what tween spell-like and supernatural sometimes seems contrived, have you.

But from the concept of antimagic —Bruce R. Cordell, designer in general, plus the slightly different but related ability to dispel spells, this division in special abilities evolved. Appraise DC 10 APPRAISE INT Task 12 Tell which race made an item 15 By taking 1 minute you can appraise the value of an object, Appraise common item or work 20 predict what a performer might expect to receive as com- Appraise good item or work 25 pensation, and even estimate the quality of craftsmanship Appraise rare item or work 30 before work is complete.

You can try to appraise quickly in Appraise exotic item or work just 1 round, increasing the DC by 5. You can try to appraise an item normally whether or not you Items in this category include good cloth, rare spices, folk successfully appraise that item quickly. Unique Items and Works Items in this category include masterpiece artwork, extremely rare jewels, and lavish and complex religious items or jewelry.

These categories are arranged in a circular pattern, so that some are linked more closely than others; for example, Estimating the value of loot is a nice idea. Different character classes and races value of anything from horseflesh to fine fabrics, is still difficult have starting bonuses in certain categories, and social rank can to rationalize.

A character can attempt to appraise items in any category, but a cumulative modifier of —2 per category My husband, Chris, revised rules in his home campaign for distant from a category in which he has ranks is applied to the appraising items based on their general classification. Charac- skill check. So where do they all come from? As far as for him and him alone.


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