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Products ChronoForms. Buy Now Sign in. You are here:. Share this topic. March 16 , Hi Is it possible to export the form data in a file? Thanks Giulia. Does that do what you want? IMHO it's not much practical use for single records. ChronoForms technical support If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two , thank you very much.

March 17 , Hi Bob yes it could be what I'm looking for I need to save the received module forms data and export to a file. But how can I configure this action? Do I have to add below on submit event? Does it append all the records in a unique csv file? Thank you again for your help. Hi giulia72, You haven't said exactly what you need to do so it's a bit hard to answer. Add the action to a test form to see the settings. I don't know where I have to put this action.

March 18 , Hi Bob Thank you for your help. I will try as I upload the website Cheers Giulia. September 15 , Hi Bob I'm recalling this post as I'm defining the last configuration. Let me summerize: I have created a Request Download Form, where users request to download a file and they fill the form with some information.

We want to export all data of this form in a CSV file. It would be great to make this action automatically e. Otherwise would it be possible to create a form accessible only to some users group that make this export action by a form? Reading your last answer it seems it is possible to do it. Do you have an example? Sorry i'm boring you again. Hi Giulia, Both of these are possible, Start with the simpler one of a manual form. You might want to add more inputs in the Designer tab if you want to allow different choices.

Test If you want to export once only then add an 'export' column to the table and after the CSV export action add a DB Read action to update the records to show 'done' or something like that. Then you can check for new records only in the DB Read action. If you add an Email action you can attach the exported file to it. Maybe I miss to configure some action in the form I want to get data. I suppose the data must be saved on a specific table.

What is my mistake? Hi Giulia, The Table selector should show you a list of all the tables in your Joomla! I cannot think of any reason why you would only see two of them :- Bob. Hi Giulia, What did you call the table when you created it? September 16 , For this reason I asked you maybe there is something missing. Do I have to create the table manually?

Thank you. Hi guilia72, Please check this video Bob. Hi Bob Thank you the video helps me to configure the table. Now I have 2 problems the first one is only a doubt : 1. What is wrong? Thank you again for your precious help Giulia Attachments. Hi Bob I would to put the export form under login. How can I do it? I thught Joomla login action was what I'm looking for but it seems not as it requires to be just logged in Is there any action in CF I could use?

That will convert any CheckBox group results from an array into a comma separated list. Make that the first action in the Event, configure it to allow the Public and Registered Groups and add a Redirect action into the pink on Fail box and have that redirect to index.

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This procedure describes how to save data from a form to a database table, using ChronoForms version 5. Rutgers Today. Academic Calendar. Calendar of Events.


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