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If your Blaupunkt system switches from your chosen radio programme to another. Quando il vostro apparecchio Blaupunkt si sintonizza da un radioprogramma in. Jos Blaupunkt -laite vaihtaa kuuntelemastasi radio-ohjelmasta toiseen radioohjelmaan. To select an equalizer preset. Long press: Start the scan function. Long press: Start the Travelstore function. Long press: Briefly display the clock time.

Notes and accessories We hope you enjoy using this new piece of equipment. Please read these operating instructions before using the equipment for the first time. The Blaupunkt editors are constantly working on making the operating instructions clearer and easier to understand. However, if you still have any questions on how to operate the device, please contact your dealer or the telephone hotline for your country.

You will find the telephone number printed at the back of this booklet. We provide a manufacturer guarantee on our products bought within the European Union. You can view the guarantee conditions at www. Only operate your car sound system if the road and traffic conditions allow you to do so. Familiarise yourself with the device before setting off on your journey. You must always be able to hear police, fire service and ambulance sirens in good time from inside your 32 vehicle.

For this reason, listen to your car sound system at a moderate volume level during your journey. Installation If you want to install your car sound system yourself, please read the installation and connection instructions that follow these operating instructions. Accessories Only use accessories approved by Blaupunkt.

Amplifiers You can use all Blaupunkt and Velocity amplifiers. Removable control panel Theft protection As a way of protecting your car radio against theft, the unit is equipped with a removable control panel release panel. Without this control panel, the car radio is worthless to a thief. Protect you car radio against theft by taking the control panel with you every time you leave your vehicle.

Do not leave the control panel in your vehicle - not even in a hiding place. The control panel has been designed to be easy to use. If necessary, clean the contacts with a lint-free cloth and some alcohol.

The control panel locking mechanism opens. The device switches off. All the current settings are saved. Any CD already inserted in the unit remains there. If the device was still switched on when you removed the control panel, it will automatically switch on again with the last settings activated i. The drive draws in the CD automatically. You must not hinder or assist the drive as it draws in the CD. The device switches on and starts playing the CD. The unit switches off. The unit switches on.

Adjusting the volume You can adjust the volume in steps from 0 off to 66 maximum. If, for instance, you press the MENU button 7 and select a menu item, the device will switch back approx.

Any changes to the settings that you have made will be saved. You can set the power-on volume. To help you adjust the setting more easily, the device will increase or decrease the volume as you make your changes. Quick volume reduction mute You can quickly decrease the volume mute to a level preset by you. Setting the mute level You can adjust the mute level. This requires that the mobile telephone be connected to the device as described in the installation instructions.

By default, the tuner is set to the region in which the device was sold. If you encounter problems with radio reception, please check this setting. Many of the receivable FM stations broadcast a signal that not only carries the programme but also additional information such as the station name and programme type PTY. The station name appears in the display as soon as the tuner receives it.

You can use the REG function to prevent the car radio from switching to alternative frequencies that are broadcasting different programme content. Six stations can be stored in each memory bank. The radio tunes into the next receivable station. To receive the stations, use the scan function or the Travelstore function. After the display. Scanning receivable stations SCAN You can use the scan function to listen to all the receivable stations briefly. You can set the scanning time in the menu to between 5 and 30 seconds in steps of 5 seconds.

Your car radio can receive and display this information. You can select the language in which PTY-EON If you specify the programme type and start seek tuning, the radio will switch from the current station to a station of the selected programme type. The radio will then retune to the station that it received last. The selected programme type appears briefly in the display.

The radio will then tune into the next station it finds that matches your selected programme type. If interference occurs, the interference level is cut automatically. Whenever a traffic announcement TA is broadcast, the system switches automatically from a station that does not provide traffic reports to the appropriate traffic information station within the broadcasting network that does.

Once the traffic report has been played, the system will switch back to the programme you were listening to before. Traffic announcement priority is active when the traffic jam symbol is shown in the display. If you hear the warning beep, you can either switch off traffic information priority or tune into a station that broadcasts traffic information.

Risk of severe damage to the CD drive! Contoured CDs shape CDs are not suitable for playback in this unit. We do not accept responsibility for any damage to the CD drive that may occur as a result of the use of unsuitable CDs. To ensure the system functions properly, only use CDs labelled with the compact disc logo.

Problems might be experienced when playing copy-protected CDs. Blaupunkt cannot guarantee the proper functioning of copy-protected CDs! You must not assist or hinder the drive as it draws in the CD. The CD starts playing. Playback begins from the point at which it was last interrupted. If you press the or button 8 once, the current track will be played again from the beginning. The next randomly selected track will then be played. The next track will then be scanned.

The currently scanned track will then continue to be played normally. The 44 track is repeated continuously until you deactivate RPT. Playback is resumed. The CD text might contain the names of the artist, album and track. You can allow the CD text to be displayed as scrolling text every time you switch to another track.

The default display will appear again after the whole CD text has been shown once. The CD is ejected. If problems occur with your own burned CDs, you should try another brand of CD blank or choose another colour of CD blank. Other formats cannot be played reliably. You can create a maximum of directories on a CD.

You can use this device to access each of the directories. Regardless of the number of directories on the CD, the device can handle up to MP3 files on a single CD with a maximum of files in a directory. The device is capable of displaying the directory name. If you like your files to be in the correct order, you should use burner software that places files in alphanumerical order. If your software does not provide this feature you also have the option of sorting the files manually.

To do so, you should place a number e. MP3 tracks can contain additional information such as the artist, album and track names ID3 tags. This device can display ID3 tags version 1. The device will ignore these invalid files during playback. If you try playing a mixmode CD, the device will only play the CD audio tracks.


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