Lumbricus rubellus is a species of earthworm that is related to Lumbricus terrestris. It is usually reddish brown or reddish violet, iridescent dorsally, and pale yellow ventrally. They are usually about 25 millimetres 0. Their native distribution was mainland Europe and the British Isles, but they have currently spread worldwide in suitable habitats.

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Inceptisols is one among many ordos which distribution is quite wide in Indonesia. Based on data from the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development with low to moderate organic matter content.

As the organic matter content is low enough, the addition of organic matter is needed. Organic materials needed, can be used for fertilizers. Fertilizers used may be organic or inorganic fertilizers.

The aim of this study is to learn about the effect of treatment mucus earthworm to nutrients contained in the Inceptisol soil. The purpose of the study is to determine the effect of fermented liquid earthworm Lumbricus rubellus manure to increased phosphorus nutrients available in the Inceptisol soil and add available phosphorus nutrients in the Inceptisol soil.

With the hypothesis of increasing the dose liquid earthworm Lumbricus rubellus manure fermentation can increase levels of available phosphorus in the Inceptisol soil. This research was conducted in the greenhouse of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya, while liquid fertilizer process conducted in Sidoarjo Mr.

Subchan house. Basic analysis of the soil was conducted in the laboratory of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Mathematics Faculty, University of Brawijaya. This research was conducted from March to May The more number of liquid earthworm mucus fertilizer on the Inceptisols soil, the more the increase in the available phosphorus nutrients, pH and C-organic in the Inceptisols soil.

Author Guidelines. Focus and Scope. Publication Ethics. Publication Charge. User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Keywords GIS NDVI biochar citrus compost inceptisol land characteristic land suitability land use maize mycorrhiza nitrogen nitrogen fertilizer oil palm empty fruit bunch organic matter phytoremediation production productivity soil chemical properties sugarcane urea.

Abstract Inceptisols is one among many ordos which distribution is quite wide in Indonesia. Full Text: PDF. Remember me.


Journal of Aquaculture Management and Technology

Putri Rahmi Noviyandri, S. Suzanna Sungkar, Sp,. Subhaini Djakfar , S. Diana Setya Ningsih, M. Boy M. Bachtiar, MS.


Bachelor thesis, Universitas Pelita Harapan. Lumbricus rubellus merupakan cacing tanah yang dikenal memiliki banyak manfaat baik dalam bidang kesehatan maupun agrikultur. Pengaruh menguntungkan yang diberikan L. Namun demikian, studi mengenai komunitas mikroba terutama bakteri dalam usus L. Salah satu studi yang mempelajari tentang material genetik yang diambil langsung dari lingkungan sekitar adalah metagenomik. Metode ini dapat digunakan untuk menganalisis seluruh komunitas bakteri pada usus L. Pada penelitian ini dilakukan ekstraksi DNA komunitas bakteri dari usus L.


Title Abstract Author Affiliation. Suprihatin, Suprihatin Noverita, Noverita. Study on biological resource potential of plant as the raw materials of drugs has not been extensively done on animal biological resources. The study objective was to explore the medical potency of resources of an animal easily found in Indonesia such as worms. It is abundantly found living in tropical countries like Indonesia, cultivated with some organic compost media, and it is used as decomposer of garbage.

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