I recently posted about using PdfBox. This time, I take a quick look at iTextSharp , another library for working with Pdf documents from within the. NET framework. This does come with a cost, however.

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I am familier with merging pages using itextsharp but my method merges these two pdf into a single pdf with two pages. Jun 21, AM jeyaseelan ajsquare. Also is there a way in itextsharp to make the merging samarter?

Rotate , 10,10,10,10 ;. Create ;. PdfImportedPage page;. GetInstance page ;. Show "Se grabo con exito" ;. Envio un codigo espero que te ayude. En este ejemplo mi archivo pdf tienes 2 paginas y creo uno nuevo de una sola pagina.

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What I want to do is merge these two pages into a single page in resultant pdf. Here is my code which merges pdfs into two pages. Exists destinationFile System. NumberOfPages; Console. Today ; document. SetPageSize PageSize.

A4 ; document. AddTemplate page, 0, -1f, 1f, 0, 0, reader. GetPageSizeWithRotation i. Re: Merging two pdf pages into one using itextsharp Jun 21, AM jeyaseelan ajsquare. Generic ; using System. IO ; using iTextSharp. CreateFont BaseFont. CP , BaseFont. AddDocument Path. Combine basePath, "static-dynamic-typing-meijer. Combine basePath, "composable-memory-transactions. Merge "mergedPapers. GetFullPath "mergedPapers. Any doubts please feel free to ask me. If this post is answer of your question then don't forgot to Click "Mark As Answer".

Create ; document. GetImportedPage reader, i ; table. AddCell iTextSharp. GetInstance page ; document. Close ; MessageBox. Re: Merging two pdf pages into one using itextsharp Jul 26, PM bholmes LINK I'm having an issue where the first two pages of the imported pdf keep repeating. Ramya Subram Re: Merging two pdf pages into one using itextsharp Jul 03, AM Ramya Subramaniam LINK Hi Jeyaseelan, Thanks for the code, I have a quesion here like when we give print to pdf on any document one of the page is getting missed and error triggers like below "An error exist on this page.


Merge pdf files using C#

In this article i will show you how to merge multiple pdfs into one using ITextSharp below is the two approach one is to pass your input files path, output file path will be created if not exist and another is pass direct input stream, output stream and it will write the merge files into output stream. ITextSharp provides a rich library for PDFs operation, below is the method named MergePDFs it takes two argument first is the output file path absolute path and second it the input file path which is a params type parameter it means you can pass multiple input file path into it. Create ;. GetImportedPage reader, i ;. Add iTextSharp. GetInstance page ;. MergePDFs Server.


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NET Page. NET platform. It is implemented as an assembly. It must be noted that the assembly is coded and compiled using the.


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Merge multiple pdf into one pdf using iTextSharp using c#

NET platform. Following on from my last Farm Solution, I have extended the solution by adding another button that when clicked, it looks up the document library and grabs all pdf files. Looping through each file, copies each pdf to a memory stream, once it have completely looped through each file, it then saves the file back to the SharePoint library. The advantage of using ITextSharp dll, is that you could create a provider hosted SharePoint App, and therefore create this merge functionality in Office

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