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Quick Links. Download this manual. Please read carefully prior to commissioning or servicing. For heating engineers. Table of Contents. Single channel modulating programmable room thermostat 4 pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents Page 4: Safety Instructions And User Notes Safety instructions and user notes Safety instructions and user notes Correct use The RC20 room controller may only be used to operate and control Buderus heating systems in houses and flats.

Page 5: System Handover We recommend that these installation and service instructions are handed over to the customer and stored in the vicinity of the heating system. We reserve the right to make any changes due to technical modifications. Page 6: Other Notes Installation, maintenance and repairs as well as fault diagnosis may only be carried out by authorised and qualified personnel.

Only use the RC20 room controller in combination with the accessories and spare parts specified in these instructions. Use alternative accessories and wearing parts only if these are Page 8: Installation Alternative heat sources sunlight or other heat sources, such as an open fire in the reference room affect the control function of the RC If there are alternative heat sources in the reference room, rooms without alternative heat sources may be too cold.

Page 9 Installation 3. The clearance below the room controller and the distance from the door are important in order to obtain accurate measurement results. Page Installation And Connections if necessary pack the box with insulating material. Page 11 When fitting to a flush-mounted box, use the vertical or horizontal fixing holes Fig. Page 12 "EXT" Fig.

Page 13 Fig. Push the bottom of the RC20 room controller against the mounting plate in the direction shown by the arrow until it clicks into place Fig. Page Switching On And Off "address" parameter is used to specify whether the room controller is to be installed as the sole programming unit or as a remote control unit. Press the pin button on the RC20 and enter the address see section 5. Page Operating Tips ", page Frost protection — If the RC20 room controller is installed as a remote control unit, the frost protection function can be set on the programming unit e.

Page Service Pin button Item 1: Rotary selector Item 2: Pin button Item 3: Pin to press the pin button We reserve the right to make any changes due to technical modifications. Page 17 Press the "AUT" button or turn the rotary selector until "" appears and then press the pin button. The standard display appears. Page Parameter Overview Exiting the service level Tab. Page Adjusting Parameters "" flashes in the display. Setting Explanation The RC20 room controller then displays a temperature that is 0.

Not possible for operation using boilers with UBA 1. Page Pump Run-On Time "". Page Adjusting The Time 5. If the clock in the RC20 room controller is slow, e. During the pasteurisation process the circulating pump runs constantly. In this case, adjust the thermal disinfection on the programming unit e. Page Troubleshooting Tab. Page 27 Tab. Page 28 Buderus sales office. Refer to the boiler documentation for information on how to remedy other faults. Page Index Thermometer, separate.. Page 31 Notes We reserve the right to make any changes due to technical modifications.

Print page 1 Print document 32 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Buderus Funk set Rc20rf Rfm20 63043346



Buderus RC20 Installation And Service Instructions Manual



Buderus RC Set Rc20rf Rfm20 V10 Verp 6-304-334-6 63043346


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