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Thanks for this. I have created several books in BookSmart and just tried to start abook in BookWright. I got so frustrated that I went online to look to see if anyone else thought BookSmart was better, too I totally agree with these comments as I have attempted to create a book with BookWright and became very frustrated it is no where near as intuitive or as user friendly as BookSmart.

I do hope that Blurb keeps BookSmart otherwise I will be looking else where to have my books printed. I completely agree with your comments about the poor nature of BookWright and I can add some more e.

I'm struggling to complete my first book using it and then will return to BookSmart which I have succesfully used for 12 books. The only good thing about BW is the ability to line up boxes on adjscent pages. Why couldn't this be added to BookSmart and it would be excellent. Thank you for this!!! I am just about to start a new large book I do a "Family Yearbook" of sorts, every year. I have used BookSmart in the past, and was worried that Blurb might discontinue allowing BookSmart books to be uploaded and published, so I checked out BookWright - after reading what you wrote you confirmed for me that I will stick with BookSmart.

I just hope they don't discontinue it like I mentioned above, when it takes me almost a year to get my huge book all put together in the software! Also - I didn't know you could put anything on the Logo page at the end! I will have to try that! I just assumed it had to be blank! I totally agree. I have trouble getting BookWright even to launch. I don't like that it has no borders. Finally, I can't get it to automatically swap photos if I want to change one for another on the same page.

The only thing it does is provide lines to line up photos and that's not enough to compensate for the other issues. Totally agree! I have published over 20 books with Booksmart I used BookWright yesterday for the first time and really found it frustrating to use.

Many options from BookSmart are not included and it took me a couple of hours to complete the first 20 pages. I just downloaded the latest Book Smart and will not use BWright again.

I thought it was just me resisting change. Glad to hear others are having the same problems. Thanks so much for this article! I'm new to Blurb, and have made two very simple books in BookWright. Now I'm trying something a little more involved. I was shocked at how hard it is in BW to place an image on a page in its own aspect ratio.

If you choose the layout first, the page may look nice but the photograph will be imported to fill the container. Apparently in BS, at least you can make the photo FIT the container rather than fill it with a single click.

That's still not the same as automatically making the container fit the photo, but it's a great deal better than what I've got to do now. If I can keep my aspect ratios and hence my own carefully cropped pictures in BS, then it will be bye-bye to BW for me!

I have been using booksmart for years. I believe it just needs a bit of tweaking to be a very powerful software. For instance, allowing to choose template by number of photos.

Ability to access all your saved templates in all book templates so it will be easier to tweak by size. Applying the alignment tool when making new layouts. I was concerned when I was about make a new book and checked the website to see if there was an update to booksmart. And I was surprised that booksmart is not on their site anymore. I did find a link for an update via help site I gave bookwright a shot and even downloaded templates. I can't believe they are pushing this software. In terms of making photobooks, it is simply in the dark ages.

Its like doing everything from scratch. Change is good but not when change is taking a huge leap backwards. I am in hunt still for a better platform and am thinking whether I should sacrifice a few hours of making new layouts for a 13X11 or to give snapfish or mix books a shot. I cannot get BookWright to accept my Blurb password, even though Blurb does. So, I am unable to upload my 46 page book which I've spent the greater part of a week putting together.

I wonder if the Windows update has caused this misbehavior and Blurb needs to update Booksmart to accommodate? Your support request has been escalated to me and I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you're having with BookSmart after the most recent Windows 10 update. I haven't heard of this behavior from other users but I've asked that our engineers look into this. In the meantime you may want to disable sleep mode on your computer to prevent this from occurring or try using our latest book creation tool BookWright, as we are no longer devoting resources towards improvements to the BookSmart software.

This is all most helpful. I've made about 10 photo books using Blurb and recommended it to many friends. Till today I've used BookSmart which I find easy to use.

I've just started a new book in BookWright and got so frustrated, I googled to see if anyone else had issues. Clearly I'm not the only one! I have just completed my e-book in Blurb's Book Wright software and had a big shock coming to me.

It took me ages to get the formatting right, taking the book 3 months to put together. The download worked fine but what the e-book conversion did was destroy my months of careful formatting, replacing my 1. The print version is fine, but formatting for e-book is crap because there are no choices even though you are led to believe that what you see is what you get. My whole experience has been a nightmare with this software.

I don't think I will be using it again. I would rather reformat for free flow in MS Word than ever use Blurb for fixed layout again. Too much time wasted with them. My advice - don't use this company. It isn't as good as it once was and my experience has cost me money and time. It was a disaster. It lacks flexibility that is available on BookSmart. To finish the book and not abandon the work already completed, I created each page in my photo editing software and inserted them into the BookWrite start.

I won't use BookWright again. The blog slurping function has been removed from Booksmart and does not work properly in Bookwright. Support's suggestion? Download each post there are hundreds individually. Thanks for nothing! Otherwise you lose customers in a hurry. I found Bookwright very confusing and not at all user friendly. Hopefully BookSmart will continue because I recommend it.

I've just finished doing a page book using the Magazine format. It is mostly photos with some text. On the plus side, you can now put a border around an image.

If you want to do the same with text you have to draw a Shape, which you CAN put a border around, and then place the text inside it, and put the text layer to the front. However, the process has been filled with frustration, shared with many above.

If I had read this blog before I started, I would have tried to do it in BookSmart is that still an option? As it is, it's too late now My latest frustration is that, when I tried to upload, I found that it was larger than the 2Gb limit.

A friend who sticks pins in a doll of me each night because I introduced him to BookWright finally managed to get his book published e-book on Kindle when he had the same problem, through compressing the file in BW.

He says there was no loss of quality, but I am producing a print book, and I'm not sure that there wouldn't be a loss. Has anyone had the same problem. Blurb Support, who have been very helpful on other issues, sent me this reply: " Thanks for reaching out in regards to the Preview mode in BookWright. I do know which screen you're referring to, and I certainly understand how having a way to keep that window maximized could be useful.

At this time I'm not aware of any specific plans by our engineers to include a full-screen preview mode in BookWright, but I will definitely pass your suggestion along to my team for their consideration in future releases. It's feedback like this that helps us to improve our products and services, and I appreciate you taking the time to send your thoughts.

I replied with this: " Thanks, Jeffrey. Although I don't quite understand why it automatically does this on the Mac, but not on Windows.

Brian: thanks for your feedback.

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Running Blurb BookSmart on Linux

Upgraded software elevates book design experience with improved creative control, new design tools, integrated support. San Francisco, Calif. BookSmart 2. With each release of BookSmart I wield more control over the creative process, and the work I sell back to my clients continues to look better and better.


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