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Di Keri Arthur. Carica Accedi Iscriviti. Home Libri Narrativa romantica. Salva per dopo Salva Black Moon. Chiedi alla luna per dopo. Crea una lista. Scarica nell'app.

Lunghezza: pagine 5 ore. Una nuova, imperdibile avventura per Riley Jenson, la guardiana che ha conquistato il cuore degli appassionati di urban fantasy Keri Arthur vive a Melbourne, in Australia. I primi tre episodi della saga che ha per protagonista Riley Jenson sono stati pubblicati anche in volume unico. Titoli di questa serie Visualizza altro. La battaglia delle Termopili Autore Andrea Frediani. La papessa Autore Donna Woolfolk Cross. Il diario del vampiro. Il risveglio Autore Lisa Jane Smith.

Gli incubi di Hazel Autore Leander Deeny. La bambina che non poteva sognare Autore Bina Shah. Il centurione Autore Simon Scarrow. Un eroe per l'impero romano Autore Andrea Frediani. Il cacciatore di ossa Autore Stuart MacBride.

Il Templare. CSI Alaska. Primavera di ghiaccio Autore Dana Stabenow. Le donne del vento arabo Autore Razan Moghrabi. Il libro segreto di Dante Autore Francesco Fioretti. Gli ultimi fuochi dell'impero romano Autore Giulio Castelli. Restiamo amici Autore Bruno Burbi. Le ragazze di Kabul Autore Roberta Gately. La vendetta di Augusto Autore Roberto Genovesi. Strane creature Autore Lisa Jane Smith. L'ultimo eroe di Roma antica Autore Giulio Castelli. Il templare nero Autore Roberto Genovesi.

Il collezionista di bambini Autore Stuart MacBride. Che fine ha fatto Mr Y. Autore Scarlett Thomas. La cospirazione degli Illuminati Autore G. La battaglia che ha cambiato la storia Autore Andrea Frediani.

Morte all'imperatore! Autore Douglas Jackson. I diari della mezzanotte Autore Scott Westerfeld. I diari delle streghe Autore Lisa Jane Smith.

L'ultima profezia. Categorie correlate. Anteprima del libro Black Moon. Chiedi alla luna - Keri Arthur. Inizia i tuoi 30 giorni gratuiti. Pagina 1 di 1. The last of the Riley Jensen novels? I am not sure. I hope not.

Arthur leaves some room for more novels. Things do wrap up quite a bit. All kinds of bad things happen, then all kinds of good things happen. Quite enjoyable. Probably not the best of the novels but still good. She writes very well. Moon Sworn is a lot less trashy than the rest of this series, which kind of ruins it because the writing is good only if you like trash.

Riley Jenson is a very strong person both body and soul. But the recent events in her life have shaken her and she is beginning to doubt everything and knows things have got to change. She takes a new case to work on even though she is sick of killing. This time its very important that she keep her wits about her, an old enemy has come back and she's in more danger than she imagined. This is the 9th and last book of the Riley Jenson series. This is one of my favorite series so I'm sad to see it end, but very satisfied with the way things ended.

Riley hasn't had a lot of happy, so If anyone deserves a little happiness it's her. I loved this story, it was a great way to end the series. Moon Sworn was a fast paced emotional ride to fill the senses. Darkly intense, suspenseful and as always very sexy. I am sorry that is last of the Riley Jensen Series, I have really enjoyed reading about her and her "family". Some interesting things happen to Riley in this story and loose ends get tied up which is good.

This time the Directorate are investigating the murders of ex criminals who have recently been released from long term jail terms. In the middle of the investigation Riley is kidnapped which I thought was an interesting twist. There was the usual violence that is exciting to read and there is the relationship with those who are close to her.

For me the best thing is the happy ending. I would like to think that somewhere down the track there may be another episode for Riley. Happily Ever After looks good on you!

I LOVE this series. Though, I must warn you, this is an adult paranormal romance. Not recommended for those under That said, I am so happy everything turned out o. She's had a rough life, and it was about time that Fate was good to her. The beginning was very good. Supernatural crime mystery, and all that jazz. Then something crazy happens and she's lost her memory! At first I was all "no way, this is so lame!

I am SOO over the memory loss plot line", but then I really got into it, and this is probably my favorite book out of the series. Well, next to Dangerous Games that is. The ending was fantastic, and as a series ending very satisfying. I only wish we could see how her family does with the baby. Anyway, those of you who have been following Riley from the start, will be very pleased with the ending. Thank you Ms. Arthur for giving us Riley's story, and all of her oh so hot boy toys that she's found along the way!

If you're like me, and you're sad to see them go, I am please to say that there will be a new offshoot series centered around Quinn and Risa, Dia's little girl.

So very exciting! So, all-in-all, I am very pleased with the ending of this series, and hope you all enjoy it as well! Want to read an excerpt from Moon Sworn? Click HERE! I have been a fan of this series since Full Moon Rising.

Riley has been through everything imaginable. Some of it was her own doing and some wasn't.


Black Moon. Chiedi alla luna



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