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Quick Links. See also: Service Manual , Owner's Manual. Power for the Digital Revolution. Table of Contents. With the purchase of a Harman Kardon AVR you are about to begin many years of listening enjoyment.

Designed to provide all the excitement and detail of movie soundtracks and every nuance of musical selections, the AVR is truly a multichannel receiver for the new mil- lenium. Connection to a line volt- age other than that for which it is intended can create a safety and fire hazard and may damage the unit. Page 6 For more information on output level trim adjustment, see page If the AVR is muted, adjusting volume control will automatically release the unit from the silenced condition.

If an external AM antenna is used, make connections to the AM and GND terminals in accordance with the instructions supplied with the antenna. Most buttons have additional functions when used with other devices. See pages 42—43 for a list of these functions. Page 13 Input Selectors: Pressing one of these buttons will perform three actions at the same time.

First, if the AVR is not turned on, this will power up the unit. Next, it will select the source shown on the button as the input to the AVR Page 14 See page 26 for the available Logic 7 options. Digital Inputs 4. Assemble the AM Loop Antenna supplied with the unit as shown below. Run high-quali- ty speaker wire from the amplifier to the speak- ers in the remote room. Page System Configuration 7. Page 21 5. In addition, some of the modes available in the AVR will not appear unless a digital source is selected and playing the correct bitstream.

This is important as it adjusts the settings that determine which speakers receive low-frequency bass informa- tion. For each of these settings use the Page Output Level Adjustment Output level adjustment is a key part of the configuration of any surround-sound product. It is particularly important for a digital receiver such as the AVR , as correct outputs ensure that you hear sound tracks with the proper directionality and intensity.

While there are some additional settings to be made, these are best done after Page Operation Emulation mode re-creates original Pro Logic processing for those who prefer that presentation. Logic 7 Cinema Exclusive to Harman Kardon for AV receivers, Logic 7 is an advanced mode that extracts the Logic 7 Music maximum surround information from either surround-encoded programs or conventional stereo material.

This places the unit in a Standby mode, as indicated by the amber color of the Power Indicator 3. Note that an optional, external RF demodulator is required to use the AVR to listen to the Dolby Digital sound tracks available on laser discs. Connect the RF output of the LD player Page 30 AVR uses a variety of indicators to let you know what type of signal is present. This will help you to understand the choice of modes.

Also, some new CD players are capable Page Tape Recording Once changed to an output, the setting will remain as long as the AVR is turned on, unless the setting is changed in the OSD menu system, as described above.

Note, however, that once the AVR is turned off, the setting is cancelled. Page Advanced Features Button v to exit the menu system. However, you may prefer to Page 35 Button v to exit the menu system. The factory default setting for these menus leaves them on Page Multiroom Operation Selector buttons to turn on to a specific source. Release the buttons. Press the button on the AVR remote that you wish to program. To program the Before following the normal programming steps for Page 43 Function List continued No.

If the system still malfunctions, a system reset may clear the problem. Page Technical Specifications Height measurement includes feet and chassis. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Patent No. Print page 1 Print document 56 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?

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Harman Kardon AVR 320 Owners Manual



Harman Kardon AVR 320 Owner's Manual


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