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Page Count: Communications Server Quick Installation Guide Contents. Version 5. Quick Installation Guide Notices. Information contained in this document is believed to be accurat e and reliable at the time of printing. However, due to ongoing product improvements and revisions, AudioCodes cannot guarantee the.

Updates to this document and other documents ca n be viewed by regi stered Technical. All rights res erved. This document is subject to cha nge without notice. Tip: When viewing this manu al on CD, Web site or on any other electronic copy, all. Cl i ck on the page or section n umbers shown. To return back to. All other. Please contact your local recy c ling authority for disposal of this product.

Resellers from who m the product wa s purchased. For Custo mer support for products p urchased. Each abbreviation, unless wid ely used, is spelled o ut in full when first used, and only Industry. Document Manual Name. LTRTxx e. Warning: The MediaPack is supplied as a sealed unit and must only be installed or. Warning: Disconnect the MediaPack from the electrical mains a nd from the Telephone. Network Voltage TNV before se rvicing.

The FXO is. PBX just like an analog telephone. Quick Installation Guide 1. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for quickly setting up AudioCodes' MediaPack. Office Communications Server 7. For further information re garding Office Communications.

The figure below illustrates a network architecture with a PBX. In this scenario , the AudioCodes'. The Medi aPack. The figure below illustrates a network architecture that provid es a direct connection to the PSTN.

At the. When a new call is received from the PBX, the gateway answers the call and performs one. The gateway acts as an interactive voice re sponse IVR system. For this option, you may need to upload a pre-record ed tone file refer the User's. When a ne w call is received from the PBX, the gateway. Quick Installation Guide 2. Quick Start. Prior knowledge of IP networks is recom mended.

Note: For detailed information on how to ful ly configure the gateway, refer to the. Refer to Section 3. The gateway is supplied with the appli cation softwar e residing on it s flash memory set to fact ory. Note: This guide as sumes that the gateway is running firmware version 5.

If you are. AudioCodes' Web site -- refer to Section 3. If not, refer to Section 3. Figure Enter Network Password Screen. Enter the case-sensitive, default username and password. You can later change the login. Quick Installation Guide 3.

Configuring the MediaPack. The main areas of the Web interface are shown in the figure bel ow. It's recommended that you change the d efault user name and password of the Web user ac count. Figure Web User Accounts Screen.

Change the user name by performing th e following:. Click the Change User Na me button; the new user name is immediately applied and. Change the password by performing the following:. Click the Change Pass word button; the new password is immediately applied and the. The Embedded Web Server provides a search engine that allows you to sea rch any ini file. The search result p rovides you. Yo u can search f or a. If you. The Search button, located near the bottom of the. Main menu bar is used to perform pa rameter searches.

In the 'Search' field, enter the re quired name or sub -string of the ini file parameter. Click Search ; the 'Searched Result' scre en appears li sting all searched parameter re sults:.

Figure Searched Result Screen. In the Searched Result list, cli ck the required parameter to open the screen in whi ch the. In the relev ant screen, the searche d parameter is highlighted in gree n. Figure Searched Parameter Highlighted in Screen. If the gateway's default IP address refer to Tabl e doesn't correspond to the network i n which.

Office Communications Server i s installed, you can assign a different IP address to the. Table Gateway Default Net working Parameters. Network Parameter Default Value. IP address Default subnet mask Default gateway IP address 0. You can use the hardware reset button to restore the gateway's networking parameters to their. Open the BootP application. From the Services menu, choose Clients ; the Client Configuration dialog box a ppears. Add a client configuration for the gateway t hat you want to initialize, by clicking the Add.

New Client button. Enter the necessary fields i. Table Adding a BootP Client. Use the gateway's chassis re set button to physi cally reset the gateway, causing it to use. BootP; the gateway changes it s network parameters to the va lues provided by BootP. Use serial communication softwa re e.

Change the network settings by typing the following:. Note: This command requires you to enter all th ree network parameters ea ch separated by. The new settings take effect on-th e-fly and connectivi ty is active at the new IP address. To save. Connect your PC to the gateway by performing the following:.

Disconnect the gateway from the network and reconnect it to your PC using one of the. Use a se cond standard Ethernet cable to con nect. Access the gateway's Embedded Web Server refer to Section 3. Figure Quick Setup Screen. Click the Reset button, an d then at the prompt, click OK ; the gateway appli es the changes.


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In the example below, Ethernet port 1 is used. Consult your network administrator to obtain the IP address. In the example below the default directory number 0 has been modified to be used as a prefix. Log on to the exchange and update the exchange by pressing the SendAll button. Reset the exchange after the send operation is finished.


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AudioCodes MediaPack MP-114 Quick Installation Manual


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