Download the firmware file for your IP camera model. Click on "Firmware Update" button and select the firmware file. The AV IP Utility tool installl the firmware update file to one or a group of cameras displayed in the application window. Any cameras with their selection box checked will be updated.

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Customer Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America. The city of Buenos Aires is an autonomous district, and the separate province of Buenos Aires is the largest and most populous province in Argentina. Challenge The local governments in Argentina needed a portable mobile solution to monitor and document speed limit violations.

Megapixel Solution In a unique integrated solution, Arecont Vision 5-megapixel cameras are used in conjunction with a radar speed gun. The camera's small size and excellent performance provided the perfect imaging solution for this specialised law enforcement application.

The system consists of a radar speed gun, a central processing unit CPU module, an Arecont Vision AV 5-megapixel camera and a laptop computer for programming and monitoring. The CPU controls and administers all functions of the system. If it is, the Arecont Vision camera takes a high-resolution digital image of the vehicle for license plate identification and fine processing.

A single SD card can store more than 1, files. Local monitoring is performed using a laptop computer, which is connected using a Wi-Fi network. The system also communicates via Wi-Fi to a desktop computer for remote monitoring. It features H. The handheld radar speed gun system was designed and installed by Dyna Group, Buenos Aires, a customer-oriented company providing high-quality technical and environmental engineering services to its clients, according to Hector H.

Zino, manager. Dyna Group's goal is to exceed every client's expectations with outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

Megapixel Benefits The high resolution of the Arecont Vision camera provides clear images for identification and the ability to read license plates. Megapixel-quality images include greater detail at an affordable price. Value drives the market, and less-expensive systems with higher resolution and better system performance provide the best value. During the design phase, several solutions were tried, but the Arecont Vision camera was chosen as the preferred solution because of performance, small size and easy operation.

The system has been well received because of the high-resolution of the images and the small size of the complete device. Better images ensure more revenue from speeding fines, which yields return on investment ROI for the new system. In another example, there were approximately tickets issued in a single four-hour shift. Residents can request police to provide speed controls in their neighborhoods based on concerns about the safety of pedestrians. Zino of Dyna Group. The Savelberg nursing home has implemented smart domotics to provide elderly people affected by dementia with a wider range of movement.

Depending on individual abilities, residents can move freely within three living zones. Zorgpartners is a full-service organization offering diverse residential and care options for elderly people in the Central Holland region.

A lot of attention is paid to integrating independent living and care provision. In late , prior to commencing the planned renovation of two sections that house elderly people affected by dementia, we started looking for a new call-for-assistance system.

It stands out in the market due to its open integrability, vendor-neutral technology, and ease of management. In addition, an infrared ring developed by Gold-IP is provided thus allowing for night-time surveillance. This naturally happens with the consent of the customers or their direct family, and without saving any images. If said resident needs help, the care giver in charge notices immediately enabling them to react adequately.

The innermost zone consists of the floor where elderly people affected by dementia live. Within this zone, they can move with a greater feeling of freedom, as the previous boundary using air-lock doors has been removed from near the elevator. The second living zone consists of the entire building with nine floors and all shared areas, while the third zone has an additional open terrace and garden.

If a resident leaves the outermost zone and thus our premises, we can immediately bring him or her back. Moreover, they feel that the new domotics ensures a lighter and happier atmosphere in the ward, which helps them enjoy their work more. Until now, they have been working flawlessly. Implementing them was easier than expected and our care givers are also remarkably enthusiastic about and happy with them.

They perceive it as a new way of working which increases the well-being of our residents. GRW has now invested in a state-of-the-art IP CCTV system to protect its premises against unauthorized access and monitor the large, modern production facilities, and is already reaping the benefits from the integration of analytics with the IP cameras.

As well as housing the extensive production facilities and spare parts department, the facility is also home to GRW Services and GRW Financial Services, which are responsible for worldwide customer care and after-sales contract servicing and the supply of rental units. Surveillance of the perimeter of this large facility and protecting the plant from unauthorized access was a key security concern for the company.

However, manned patrols of the perimeter proved ineffective and Sensor Security was tasked with designing a solution that would automate the process of securing the boundary and eliminate the possibility of human error. At the same time, GRW recognized that an intelligent camera infrastructure might enable remote monitoring of the production process and Sensor Security was asked to investigate.

In my experience it is always more challenging, risky even, to install any security-related system without sufficient input and collaboration from the end-user client. It also reduced installation time significantly. In this regard, the Auto Back Focus on these Smart cameras greatly assists the installation technicians to achieve the best possible viewing quality. This process is made much easier and more efficient for these staff due to the integration of the Hikvision DSNI-ST channel NVR with a PC, ensuring that operational staff are only presented with images relevant to the production area.

Quite simply, it is easier to provide post-sales service and support with a single, reliable brand. People also viewed these products. Temperature Screening For Challenging Times.

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