Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? For more than three decades Anton Corbijn has photographed the greatest artists in the music world and beyond. That made him one of the most influential portrait photographers of our days. The long way from their first encounter in February in New Orleans to their April Lisbon shooting for the most recent U2 album is documented in a wealth of private and so-called official pictures with hand-written annotations by the photographer.

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And it would seem that even the title of the new album, which would turn U2 into international rock titans, was his idea. But on the first day I told Bono the story of a tree in one of those deserts that the Mormon settlers had named the Joshua Tree, because its branches recalled the arms of the prophet Joshua raised to the sky, exhorting his people to follow him to the Promised Land.

Photo Vogue Festival A day to dream. At that point the photographer began to search for the right tree to use as the background for the famous portrait that appears inside the album cover. A week later, when picking up the negatives from the lab, Corbijn realized the risk he had run. The photos were all slightly blurred, with a single object in sharp focus in the background: the tree.

In the portrait, Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam have intense, proud expressions, yet clouded by a veil of melancholy. It reminds me of the faces of immi- grants just landed in America. To remedy the situation, from Achtung Baby forward, Corbijn chose to represent them in a more playful, less documentary style.

U2 have always had a deep love affair with Italian audiences. Outside it was degrees. The air conditioning was broken so she kept the freezer door open.

She wrapped ice cubes in a cloth and pressed it to the back of her neck to cool off. Joan Didion was one of the first writers to interpret the cultural nuances of California from a geological point of view.

For her, stories that took place in the desert, the mountains, among the waves of the Pacific Ocean, could not be separated from the primordial nature of their setting. Her collections of meticulous, intimate and visionary essays, Towards Bethlehem and The White Album, contemplate the mythological aspects of the land she loved from multiple perspectives.

The exoticism of California has its roots in the warm Santa Ana winds that blow in from the desert, in the floods that sweep away entire hillsides turning them into slush and mud, in the wildfires that regularly burn the forests above Malibu to the ground. The driver dies, his young girlfriend survives but is in shock and bleeding internally.

A married couple come upon the scene of the accident and stop to help the girl into their car. The husband remains behind with the body while the woman crosses miles of desert before finding a hospital. The subtext is that leaving a corpse in Death Valley means condemning the deceased to be eaten by coyotes. That image of hungry coyotes lurking at the roadside is a kind of visual introduction to Death Valley as we understand it today.

The California desert is a place where one is confronted with a violent and pitiless nature that requires an equally violent and pitiless re- sponse from the humans that dare to cross it. I lived for many years in California, and my memories of Death Valley are mostly associated with a lot of music festivals featuring the Grateful Dead.

But after a few days in the desert, my perspective changed. There was no better place to blow up a typical, happy suburban home, the embodiment of the American dream.

Death Valley got its name from a group of pioneers who got lost there in the winter of Only one member of the group died, but for everyone else crossing that tract of desert was an experience so hellish that they believed it would be their grave. When you get lost in Death Valley, you have aural hallucinations of rattling snakes, death is a contant undercurrent. People travel hundreds of extra miles just to avoid the loss of human con- tact that crossing it represents.

From her room at the Enterprise Motel, Joan Didion observed a group of elders of the Faith Community Church across the street, singing and pray- ing. After orchestrating the murders on Cielo Drive, Charles Manson hid out at an old farm right here, in this desert. The Barker Ranch sits in a rocky valley and can be reached only by dirt roads riddled with potholes.

In that ranch was a happy little oasis. Off from the main house was a guest house, with a cistern that collected water from a stream. It was here that Manson and the family took refuge after the murders, and it was here that they were arrested. On October 12, , Charles Manson was caught by a cop hiding in a closet. They busted him for car theft. They quickly figured out that there was more to it than a stolen car. But I like to think of that desert and that arrest as a kind of turning point that marked both the beginning and the end of the important things that happen in California.

The Timbisha Shoshone tribe that Alex Ross described in the New Yorker in a sort of love letter to the secret soul of Death Valley, was living there in the midth century and considered it a sacred place, full of life. Today, unfortunately, the tree is no longer there, but on the Lee Flat plain, in northwest Death Valley, many more have been planted. A local biologist, James Cornett, has em- braced the positivist vision of the Native American tribes.

The Lee Flat trees are healthier than the ones in Joshua Tree park. In a hundred years, they will be the most numerous and important tree species in California. Follow now. Regione Puglia Photo Vogue Festival Embracing Diversity. Lord of the Mangrove. Il cigno selvatico. Miss Universe. Any Other Name. March 13, AM. Photo Vogue Festival by Francesca Marani.

Art photography , Yesterday and today , Music. Vogue Subscribe Subscribe to Vogue Italia or give a gift! International Subscription 12 issues offer Vogue now Subscribe to Vogue Newsletter Italian version only. Embracing Diversity by Francesca Marani. Il cigno selvatico by Francesca Marani. Miss Universe by Francesca Marani.

Any Other Name by Francesca Marani.

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Anton Corbijn

He is the creative director behind the visual output of Depeche Mode and U2 , [1] [2] having handled the principal promotion and sleeve photography for both bands over three decades. Anton Johannes Gerrit Corbijn van Willenswaard was born on 20 May in Strijen in the Netherlands, where his father had been appointed as parson to the Dutch Reformed Church the previous year. Photographer and director Maarten Corbijn born [8] is a younger brother. From the late s the London-based New Musical Express NME , a weekly music paper, featured his work on a regular basis and would often have a photograph by him on the front page. He made his name photographing in black-and-white but in May he began taking pictures in colour using filters. His first venture in this medium was for Siouxsie Sioux. Perhaps his most famous and longest standing association is with U2 , which includes taking pictures of the band on their first US tour, taking pictures for their albums The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby albums et al.


Anton Corbijn - U2 and I

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e Indisponible. A total of color and duotone plates provide quite an extraordinary and intimate chronicle of the band's path from local unknowns to legendary superstars and the photographer's own development as an artist, documenting the public and private face of the band, the long-standing friendship between Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen and Corbijn, the ways in which they. In this way, their shared experience itself becomes a part of photo-history. Corbijn has added handwritten notes as picture captions, thus also ensuring the book is a highly readable document of his personal memories, giving it the feel of a private album. By way of introduction, the book features Anton Corbijn and Bono interviewing each other, humorously reviewing their joint history and offering many a minor anecdote on their long-standing friendship and collaboration. Ever since , in other words for over 22 years now, Dutch star photographer Anton Corbijn has been one of the creative minds accompanying the inexorable rise of Irish rock group U2 to the status of the world's greatest rock band.


Anton Corbijn U2 and I : The Photographs 1982-2004

And it would seem that even the title of the new album, which would turn U2 into international rock titans, was his idea. But on the first day I told Bono the story of a tree in one of those deserts that the Mormon settlers had named the Joshua Tree, because its branches recalled the arms of the prophet Joshua raised to the sky, exhorting his people to follow him to the Promised Land. Photo Vogue Festival A day to dream.


U2 And Anton Corbijn

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