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It is in Urdu. He was known for his lectures that he would give on tafsir , and studied the classical Islamic sciences. He was also a hafiz someone who has memorised the entire Quran , as well as being well-versed in Hebrew and Arabic , especially classical Arabic. He was also a scholar of hadith , having memorized thousands of the sayings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad , and having deep knowledge of the Riwayah and Dirayah sciences chain of transmission and contents of hadith through his learning in various parts of India and Arabia.

This tafsir is steeped in the classical Islamic style, utilising classical Arabic lexicon as well as the science of hadith to understand Qur'anic verses, and the author was an expert in both. It also has many Sufi undercurrents in the tafsir, often incorporating mystical and esoteric knowledge of the Qur'an in addition to exterior meanings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on: Ahmadiyya Flag. Beliefs and practices. Distinct views.

Prophethood Jesus Jihad Evolution. Key literature. Organizational structure. Key sites. Ahmadiyya topics. Claims Writings Death. Tafsir Novin? List of tafsir works. Categories : Tafsir works Quranic exegesis Islamic theology books.

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ISO 14577-2 PDF

Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation

The work was translated by Anis Shorrosh who calls it "a tool to liberate Muslims". The book seems to be an amalgam of different versions of Bible and the Holy Quran. Some of the Arabic text has been allegedly copied from the Holy Quran, but see "Criticism" below. A few parts of the Quran are copied in the True Furqan for the purpose of presenting an alternative view. However, plagiarism is not present, since the verse is disclosed as such. Consequently, there must not be any compulsion in religion.


The Nashville Qur'an

For several years now, a book has been circulating in the Middle East which closely resembles the Qur'an. It isn't actually the Qur'an, though its style and presentation are very similar. Its title is al-Furqan al-Haqq "The True Furqan" and there have been occasional complaints from Muslims that it might be mistaken for an Islamic text when, in reality, it's a cunning bit of Christian propaganda. A series of testimonials posted on the internet I'm not sure if they are genuine makes the book's purpose clear:. However, many of the readers' testimonials on the Amazon website take a different view.

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