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It depends. Using the Air Force as an example, in official correspondence—that is, email intended to conduct official military business—it is not technically permissible for members to have quotes of any kind in their signature blocks. Users will not add slogans, quotes, special backgrounds, special stationeries, digital images, unusual fonts, etc. Thus, a strict application of this AFI means that no one is allowed to have any quote of any content in their official email signature block.

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Skip to main content Press Enter. The Air Force recently entered a new phase of worldwide Airmen communication. Air Force e-mail, also known as E-mail for Life or E4L, allows Airmen and Air Force civilian employees to keep a single e-mail address permanently -- regardless of assignment changes. The e-mail address is made within the guidelines contained in AFI , Section 5. The address will appear as firstname. While the program is not currently operating at full capability, officials say it should be by mid-summer The transition to using this universal extension is already well underway.

At this time, every senior Air Force official has been provided an account. Airmen and Air Force civilians should be receiving an e-mail this month notifying them their account has been issued. As the account system is in the initial states, Airmen can continue to use their local or major command e-mail accounts as well as their new E4L address, and no changes to current e-mail settings are necessary.

The Air Force e-mail address will automatically forward messages to their existing accounts. This new system aims to alleviate the problem many Airmen face as a result of frequent assignment changes. This initiative in modernization also intends to step-up the current anti-spam measures. Air Force Directory Services asks that any questions or problems be dealt with by following local trouble ticket procedures for escalation.


AFI 33-119



Air Force implements ‘E-mail for Life’


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