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Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Murat Akkanat. Information about Page Insights Data. June 3, , the actor The Actor, which is in the press staff to bursa, will carry this visit to the cover of his artist ramiz.

Within the framework of the gas Pasha Portrait painted by Ramiz, some of the people who participated in the feast are portrait and names of some of the people who participated in the feast. The Cover was presented to the readers with the sentence " His Lord gas and some faces of the Istanbul team that went to the zimatina Translated. Send Message. The single man seen on the left of Pasha is the commander of the union, who took the first course of the union that made the first course of the Greek troops in 29 may , We remember all our heroes with gratitude and gratitude.

May , 27, wealth His Chief President is doing example works for Turkish Agriculture in his farm that he cares very much. Due to its 1. Photos; with guests of the farm and public view of the farm with its guests at the gas Pasha Farm.

The law on the use of international numbers was also accepted today. Osman Nevres was martyred with the sun attacks after destroying the Greek Efsun course. The body of the law, the head of the law, the chief of the law, who took the first course to the Greek occupation forces in kordonboyunda yesterday morning, has been destroyed by the sun.

According to those who see, the man of the efsun the between the sounds of the church lovers and the songs of the Greek girls in blue and white, a man in a long black dress, a man in a long black dress, started to shoot a bullet in his hand.

First of all, the flag of the efsun of were destroyed by a empty voice. The Greek people who were afraid of this fire that they never expected were back, and those who fell into the sea were seen among the Greek crowd after them. But when they realize that there was only one person shooting in front of them, they immediately started fighting.

Osman Nevres, who finished the course in the revolution, was killed quickly and was martyred with the muteaddit sun hits. These people who could not get their anger, the body of the brain, the body of the brain, have started to shoot with a gun.

Even the Greek torpedoes from the sea joined this fire. Meanwhile, a large number of citizens have been lost among the public.

As we learned, it has been heard that Mr. Osman nevres has been told to those around him saying " No, no, they can't be able to rock their hands the Year-old journalist who was killed by the Greek occupation is included in the group of young people who defend the attack of the Greek occupation. He is a happy patriot. May , 11, An exciting minute in Congress: gas and all congress with him were shot with respect and respect to the great nation. The news that Mustafa Kemal Pasha has been appointed to the office was published in the official newspaper, the official newspaper.

This is the minister of harbiye for the performance of this will. April 30, , , Sadrazam, the minister of harbiye. On May 16, , after the Friday greetings at the pregnant mosque, he met and said goodbye to sultan vahideddin.

After Friday's greetings, he returned to his home in makbule and said goodbye to his mother and sister makbule. Later, he left Istanbul with his car in the evening with his car. Episodes from the first and third pages of the Republic Newspaper: " ladies and gentlemen, our world - you know that it is forgotten from land, water and air.

Aren't these the main parts of life, aren't these? They are also into nature's air existence. It is clear that it is not enough to breath air alone for life. The necessary and real thing has been revealed that it is air power. In this direction that all nations were working on, the Turkish nation should take place in this direction that all nations were working on. When the government of the republic of turkey is building our navy, our air filter has not been left to fix it with the latest air vehicles.

I would like to express my special gratitude to the government, the head of general staff, Mr. Deer and my dear friend, my dear friend Fuad, here, my dear friend fuad. Our friend, who did not give his help to the Russian Soviet Republic and its ambassador m. I would be happy to thank him in front of you in front of you. Turkish boy, as in every job, you will fill your place in the sky with the highest order in the sky, you will fill the place that is waiting for you in a little time.

See More. April , 26, l ' art Women will also be able to participate in local elections. On April , 3, it makes it possible for women to participate in the elections in article Citizens also have the right to use the municipality work to the the, because municipality administration and use the continued help of the the administration.

The news given with the title "the thanksgiving meeting of the feminist Istanbul" is large in turkey. A photo is seen from the meeting held in front of the taxi republic monument in front of the taxi.





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