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Historically, they have been part of human culture and mythology for millions of years. In medicine, the structure and function are inseparable as the basis and foundation this science and art together are basic subjects in medical training.

The cougar is one of the big cats are known for their ecology, reproduction and aspects of nutrition. However, aspects of their anatomy are very general. Is likely to be a protected animal, which could only be obtained and preserved for study only under special conditions, is preferred to standardize their anatomy such domestic cat.

Was conducted classic dissection of the lower limbs of a specimen of adult male cougar, which took place on different topographic regions of the lower limbs of this sample. The comparative study demostrated by describing the muscular structures and its annexes that domestic cats can be used as an anatomical model to be extrapolated in future studies of these structures in the puma, except for some differences on certain points of origin and insertion in the development of some muscular structures.

Origen: se origina en el extremo caudal del sacro, por lateral. Origen: en la superficie lateral del cuerpo del ilion. Origen: superficie dorsal del piso de la pelvis alrededor del agujero obturador.

Origen: en la superficie ventral del pubis y del isquion. Gemelo caudal. Origen: el m. Fue posible distinguir dos porciones adyacentes una a la otra y con dimensiones similares. Origen: Done et al. Se observaron cuatro cabezas: recto femoral, vasto lateral Fig. Se le distinguieron tres porciones: flexor digital lateral, flexor digital medial y tibial caudal.

Desde su sitio de origen emergieron tres tendones: uno lateral, uno medio y otro medial. Origen: fila distal de los huesos tarsianos. Se observan a nivel de la superficie plantar de los metatarsos. Origen: cara plantar de la base de los huesos metatarsianos,. Sus fibras musculares se dirigieron hacia distal.

Concha, I. Anatomical considerations over the intrinsic musculature of thoracic limb of puma Puma concolor. Done, S. Madrid, Harcourt Brace, Evans, H. Identification of individual jaguars Panthera onca and pumas Puma concolor based on footprint morphometry Carnivora: Felidae.

Palacios, R. Sisson, S. Email: ccaromunizaga live. Recibido: Aceptado: Servicios Personalizados Revista. Fig- 1. Sartorio; 2. Fascia lata seccionada; 3. Tensor de la fascia lata; 4. Vasto lateral; 5. Aductor mayor y breve; 6. Gluteofemoral; 7. Abductor crural caudal rechazado hacia caudal; 9.

Semimembranoso; Semitendinoso; Flexor digital superficial; Gastrocnemio, cabeza lateral. Extensor digital lateral; 2. Extensor digital largo; 3. Fibular largo; 4. Tibial craneal; 5. Nervio tibial; 7. Flexor digital superficial; 8. Gastrocnemio, cabeza lateral; 9. Flexor digital profundo; Fibular corto. Casilla D Temuco - Chile Tel.


Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Toggle navigation USC. To learn the basics of Animal Anatomy oriented to the clinical procedures, the animal husbandry and the food hygiene and alimentary industries requirements. At the end of the course, the student will be able to identify the body systems and their constituent parts, to localize them in the living animal and to perform a dissection. History and concept of Anatomy. Anatomical terms and planes. Body regions. Introduction and general concepts.


Anatomia de los animales Domesticos -Tomo 1 - Konig.pdf



Anatomia de los animales domesticos / Anatomy of Domestic Animals


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