Na Ceasa de Campinas tinha mudas a venda, mas sumiu Em vasos tbm se adapta muito bem. Os beija-flores adoram. Os passarinhos se encarregam de espalhar pelo jardim novas mudas. Heliconia glow.

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Postal , Av. Heliconia e em H. The morphological and anatomical features of the inflorescence bracts were studied in H. Heliconia and in H.

In the subg. Heliconia the bracts are cymbiform and in Stenochlamys they are lanceolate-conduplicated. All species have bracts with uniseriate epidermis, with thin-walled cells, tetracytical stomata in H. The bract shape, associated with the distribution of the fiber bundles and with the size of the air canals were different in both studied subgenera.

An identification key was made based on morphological and anatomical features. Key words: anatomy, morphology, bracts, Heliconia , Heliconiaceae. Santos, H. Heliconia e H. Heliconia rivularis Fig. O mesofilo de H. Assim, H. Ainda de acordo com Rundel et al. Andersson, L. Revision of Heliconia sect. Heliconia Musaceae. Nordic Journal of Botany 1 6 : Revision of Heliconia subgen.

Stenochlamys Musaceae - Heliconioideae. Opera Botanica 82 : Taeniostrobus and subgen. Heliconia Musaceae - Heliconioideae.

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In: C. Metcalfe ed. Anatomy of the Monocotyledons. Oxford University Press, Oxford. Mikrokosmos 61 : Structural and physiological adaptation to light environments in neotropical Heliconia Heliconiaceae. Journal of Tropical Ecology 14 : Botanical microtechnique. Iowa State College Press. Morphology and anatomy in Heliconia angusta Vell. Zingiberales: Heliconiaceae from the Atlantic forest of southeastern Brazil. Variation in the organization of the stomatal complex in the leaf epidermis of monocotyledons and its bearing on their phylogeny.

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Biotropica 22 2 : Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.


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